The 15 Best Moments From ‘Entourage’

I recently listened to a very solid episode of Brian Koppelman’s “The Moment” podcast with Entourage creator Doug Ellin, and haven’t been able to stop thinking about the series for the past few days. So, to hold us Entourage fans over until the movie comes out next year, distract yourself from your spreadsheet obligations by reliving some of the best scenes from the show. Feel free to add your fave scenes in the ‘mments:

1. I Am Queens Boulevard


The movie that made Vince a star, and the line that did it. I’ve always thought this scene implicitly shows how blurred the line is between critical darling and complete farce; sometimes the two can be one in the same. Watching the quote without all the groundwork/story buildup, the line sounds kind of hilarious.

2. Ari Goes Off On An Assistant


Classic, ruthless Ari Gold; the top agent in the land, supposedly based on real-life Hollywood super-agent Ari Emanuel. In this heavily ironic clip, Ari ends up doing the exact thing his wife initially faults him for — and ends up firing a clueless assistant, who’s only fault was being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

3. Johnny Drama Wallops Seth Green


I’ve always thought Johnny Drama was the hidden glue of the show. His “clueless older brother” shtick provided constant comic relief, but the real pull to Drama was his (relative) lack of success, and how he handled watching his younger brother triumph almost immediately. As a result, Drama was riddled with a sort of insecurity complex in which he constantly had to demonstrate his worth; which oftentimes, came through overexerting his “manhood.”

Here, after sending mixed signals to his former athlete/masseuse friend, he unloads on Seth Green, who had been really been bugging E for quite sometime. Arguably the best punch in a show fueled on endless testosterone.

4. “You’re Looking At The Biggest Movie Star On The Planet”


Vince’s “Almost Famous” moment, except he turns out to be the biggest movie star on the planet. Aquaman’s moment in the sun.

5. Yom Kippur Scheming


Widely considered one of the better episodes in the entire series, Ari & Nicky Rubenstein spend the holiest day of the year scrambling to broker a studio deal to make Medellin a go, a deal they must complete before sundown. Here’s one of the better scenes from the ‘sode.

6. Bob Ryan/”Is That Something You Might Be Interested In?”


Ari sends E down a dead end path. It doesn’t take too long for Eric to realize that Bob Ryan isn’t someone he might be interested in.

7. Eminem Punches Vince


The general consensus is that Entourage went kinda downhill at the end of its run — this is to be expected (for any show, you kinda run out of things to talk about if you’re doing 100s of episodes), but the last few seasons were certainly filled with some fantastic moments. In this scene, Vince’s nadir, Eminem gives him a piece of his mind.

8. Turtle Does Goodfellas


There’s an episode where Vince and co. must deal with a celebrity stalker, and briefly attempt to take matters into their own hands. Then, Turtle attempts to do Goodfellas.

9. Ari The Terrible


Nowadays, I can’t imagine this happening without being the most viral thing on the internet. Nonetheless, it’s as vintage Ari as it is terrifying.

10. Ari The Great


As horrible as Ari sometimes was to Lloyd, he’d exhibit these intense moments of being a really good dude. Here, Ari salvages Lloyd’s relationship though a little bit of improv; of course, he’s only saving Lloyd to get him back to work, but he’s also only saving Lloyd because he’s great at his job.

11. Medellin Bombs


One of the first real sobering moments in the career arc of the gang, Vince’s Oscar-play Medillin turns out to be a complete bomb at the Cannes Film Festival. Harvey Weingart (based off the Weinstein Company’s head honcho Harvey Weintstein) gets a big moment in the sun, offering to buy the film for $1; revenge for getting spurned by the movie earlier.

12. E & Billy Walsh


Genius indie director/troubled human Billy Walsh had a number of memorable moments in the early goings of the series. Here we see one of the classic battles between the creative and business sides, as well as the avalanches of insecurity that can sometimes plague the creative process.

13. Johhny’s Bananas


A reformed Billy Walsh explains the premise of what ends up being one of the better subplots of the series; and turns out to be one of the better subplots in actual life, as the impressive turn by Andrew Dice Clay appears to have been the start of a late-career surge. Johnny, however, initially goes bananas.

You could watch a clip of Johnny’s Bananas here.

14. Matt Damon Reams Out Vince


Matt Damon has a cause he wants Vince to support, and won’t take no for an answer. Matt Damon is super intense. LeBron makes an appearance.

15. Victory


Victory. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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