17 Reasons Why It’s Good To Be Extremely Delusional About Your Goals

1. Nobody else is going to achieve your goals for you, or remotely care about what you’re striving for. Your mom repeating “but he/she’s so talented!” at a dinner party for hours on end is only gonna get you so far.

2. It’s really the only way to keep up with everyone else on social media.

3. When someone else doubts you, there are few things better than pandering to them, twiddling your thumbs for a few years, and then running into them as the person who accomplished that thing. Bonus points if accompanied by a hot companion.

4. Setting the bar high will require you to work much harder than you otherwise would’ve. So even when you fail, you’ll be much further along.

5. Having crazy goals will really up your daydream game.

6. Having something to work for is pretty much the same thing as being really excited for your roommates birthday dinner at the end of the week. Except that instead of paying a lot of money for overpriced sushi, you get to dream of the day where you can make a Facebook status that’ll get 70+ likes out of sheer obligation.

7. Your goals are generally something crafted on strictly your own terms. So even if you fail, at least you can say you failed on your own terms. Society seems to be secretly jealous of people who are able to say these sorts of statements.

8. If you’re striving for something outrageous, like a career as a rapper, you’ll tend to dominate social events in the sense that people will be interested about you and your “vision”; one that will clearly change the game as we know it.

9. Steve Jobs says so:


10. Aiming high naturally makes you more competitive, which makes your suddenly narrowed eyebrows much more suitable to a Rocky-esque montage.

11. Said delusion will likely prompt you to go to events/send emails/do things you never would’ve otherwise, thus opening you up to new experiences. And as well all know, telling other people about your new experiences is 2013’s version of social darwinism.

12. It’s a positive way to channel anger and frustration. Store it, build it up, use it as ammo for the future.

13. Maintaining a larger, central focus makes the mundane seem extraordinary. It’ll infuse new meaning and purpose into your work, which is something that you can easily parlay into a toolish motivational speech.

14. You’ll be able to simultaneously balance optimism and pessimism–pessimism in the front, optimism in the back.

15. Delusion gives you hope. Hope gives you YouTube videos that inspire you for longer than usual:


16. When you’re walking on a cold night on a city street, as I was yesterday, you’ll be able to smile, laugh like an idiot, and then stop abruptly because there’s someone walking towards you.

17. The alternative is way too depressing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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