6 Signs He Is VERY Interested In You

Author’s Note: This Is a Response To an Earlier Post, “6 Signs He Isn’t Interested In You


1. He Willingly Sacrifices Something You Know He Loves To Spend Time With You, And Does It Completely Unprovoked

If you know he’s a big Chicago Bears fan but opts to take you canoeing during their Week 6 game against the Lions, you’re golden.

Note that this needs to be completely on him…forcing him to do something like this is the type of thing that makes him question his manhood 42 times over, and could easily lead to a breakup. He needs the agency.

2. If You Don’t Text Him Back For An Unnaturally Long Time, You Could “Feel” It

I’m not sure if this one makes actual sense. But when you just innately know that he’s probably looking at his phone every three seconds, you’ve got him.

3. He Either Never Talks About Other Girls, Or Gets Really Weird About It When Brought Up

While this could also be a sign that he’s not into you at all and shadily “working late” with his co-worker Beth, it could also mean that no one else matters and he really wants to make that clear. Any indication otherwise truly terrifies him.

4. You Guys Both HATE PDA, But Find Yourself Going Down That Dangerous Dangerous Path

Infatuation means self-control slowly goes out the window. This is very much like the “driver vs. city-walker paradigm”…depending on which you’re currently doing, you are in the right. Meaning, PDA is wrong–unless you’re the one doing it.*

*It’s still wrong, though.

5. When You Talk About Things In The Future, He Doesn’t Shrink Into A Pillar Of Dust

This very much depends on the relaysh status–if you’ve only hooked up once, if you’ve been on and off for a month, or if you’ve been together for a year.

A good rule here is talk about events that are double the amount of time you’ve been together. I.e., if you’ve been semi-dating for three months, a good barometer is to bring up a concert or cool event three months from today’s date. His reaction will tell you all you need to know.

6. You Can Easily Tell That His Friends Are Kind Of Pissed At Him

Their homie, once a titan of bachelorhood, has suddenly gone soft. And the reason is you. Emoji with the hearts as eyes.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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