23 Signs You’d Be Destined For Greatness If You Weren’t So Lazy

1. You’re always convinced you’re the smartest person in the room. This is because you never get involved in the intellectually-charged debates going on, or engage in anything that’d prove you wrong.

2. After watching a really inspiring movie, you decide that this is moment you’re finally gonna turn it around. The fact that you’ve also decided this on 54 previous occasions apparently doesn’t matter.

3. You set three alarms, because you figure you’ll be able to get up by at least the third in order to crank out some of that novel before work. But blink twice, and you’re on your sixth alarm.

4. You’ve become increasingly satisfied that it’s not so much the results, it’s the fact that you’re making the attempt. As we all know, it’s the thought that counts.

5. If only you acted as much as you talked about acting; you’d basically be Tom Hanks.

6. Daydreams consist of interacting with celebrities and notable people in your field; in these daydreams, you actually have the gall to think that they’ll be learning stuff from you.

7. You can’t wait for 15 years from now, because apparently all you have to do is wait and it’ll magically happen.

8. If only the necessary people saw how good you are at sending emails to your friends…with that kind of talent, game over.

9. If only those bursts of fierce ambition lasted more than 5 minutes, whilst irrationally angry at your boss…if only.

10. You’ve gotten really good at “productive procrastination”–i.e., making a playlist for the work that’s about to be done. Can’t have greatness without Zedd ft. Foxes.

11. You qualify your Netflix binge watching as “research.”

12. You’re no stranger to reveling in great moments…you watch them on YouTube for three hours every evening:


13. Your to-do lists are all like “we’re gonna do all this great stuff this week!” Tuesday is all like “I’m tired.”

14. You rationalize mind-numbing activities–like video games, or sitting in on your roommate watching Teen Mom–as very necessary battery rechargers.

15. You figure you have plenty of time to get going on whatever it is you need to get going on–I mean, it could totally wait till after this dinner…I mean, it could totally wait after these few drinks…totally…

16. You’ve made a habit of semi-ironically quoting aspirational song lyrics, in order to demonstrate what you’re eventually capable of. Greatness is what we on the brink of.

17. After reading a motivational/#relevant/good book, you take solace in the fact that you have all the exact same thoughts as the author.

18. You feel like if you just had the funds to hire someone to properly format and present all those genius thoughts in your mind–you’d probably be set for life.

19. When those creative urges hit you, you’re unstoppable. Which is why there’s nobody better when it comes to sending really elaborate snap chats.

20. Not trying is part of the whole thing…its your “shtick,” and you need to perfect it.

21. (See previous item).

22. You always skated by in classes, and still got decent grades. Totes applicable to the rest of your days, no?

23. Yawn. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Donald Trump

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