23 Awesomely Underrated Things About Being 23

1.  Not having a clue is still very much “in.”

2. Expectations are dangerously low. Society assumes you are still an idiot.

3. If this career doesn’t work out, you’ve got enough time to start anew without raising too many eyebrows.

4. Speaking of eyebrows, your body is operating at #peakbeauty.

5. You’re still very much allowed to like Top 40 hits. But if you hate Top 40, you’ve accrued enough years to legitimately get away with supporting finer tastes.

6. You’re probably starting to eat healthier, but could probably still get away with going off on drunken McDonald’s.

7. Cool, hip brands want to market almost exclusively to…you?

8. You’re old enough to start legitimately not giving a shit about trivial friend gossip.

9. And on a general level, bullshit you were previously unable to see through has now become wholly transparent.

10. Whether you know it or not, you’ve soaked in enough life to form an educated stance on “important” issues. Specifically, Drake.

11. There’s a good chance you’re now sexually experienced enough to view sex/relationships from a more mature, practical lens.

12. Someone you know is probably off doing something really cool, and you get to reference/bandwagon/humblebrag? the fact that you were basketball camp homies .

13. You’re officially old enough to look down on teens with an overly critical ire. Monsters, they are.

14. If your sports team finally wins a championship, you could (sorta) take pride in all those years you’ve been suffering.

15. You can now officially say you “grew up” watching/listening to/attending (insert very influential, culturally celebrated thing here).

16. You’re young enough to be properly wired into all technological innovation, but old enough to get away with acting like a nostalgic grandpa. Flip phones were the shit.

17. If you have a much younger sibling/cousin, they will assume you possess the entire scope of the world’s knowledge.

18. You might have already met “the one.” But in case you hate everyone you’ve ever interacted with, there’s still a pretty solid chance that you haven’t.

19. You’re at one of the very few ages where endearing innocence and intense cynicism can actually be homies.

20. If you get into a fight and accrue a black eye, people will think you’re cool and edgy. If this happened a decade later, you’d be an alcoholic and/or terrible father.

21. You can still find children absolutely appalling, without being morbidly afraid that you’ll never want to have children.

22. You can still have a wild time out on the town, but no longer really feel like you have to.

23. Whatever it is that you’re doing, it still doesn’t totally matter. Unless of course, you want it to. Your call. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – This Is The End

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