What Libra Should Expect In September 2021 (Horoscope)

September has arrived, and with that, a whirlwind of excitement and intensity in the astrological realm. Virgo season is now in full swing—the Sun and Mars in this sign at the start of the month have everyone in a productive, focused mindset, ready to finish strong. With Venus at home in Libra, one of the signs of its rulership, our relationships may be taking a front seat. There is a desire to connect and understand our partner better, which requires us to clear the air and set things straight under the watchful eye of Virgo energy. Later on, when Venus moves into Scorpio, we may feel the distinct need to bond intensely and draw closer to our significant others than ever before—or to seek one out if currently single. Towards the very end of the month, Mercury will go into retrograde in the sign of Libra—which means some potential miscommunication and frustration, but don’t stress too much yet!

While we may still be in Virgo season towards the beginning of this month, Libra season isn’t too far away! September will prove to be an exciting month for you—especially in terms of your self-confidence and your love life. You’ve got plenty going for you!

(Keep in mind to not only read for your Sun sign but your Rising sign as well!)


Your education isn’t pertaining strictly to classes, but you may be learning and engaging more with creative projects that you will learn from during this time. Your creative house will experience both Jupiter and Saturn, which will create some push and pull—but trust it’s all going to balance out if you give it a chance.


You’ve got some stuff going on behind the scenes, with Mars and the Sun transiting your 12th house of isolation and secrets. This is a good time to focus on those projects you’ve been working on for quite some time, but keep it on the down-low. They will benefit from you giving your attention to them without other’s input for now. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th will show up in your productivity sector and will likely have you closing a chapter, whether with an employer or ending a project. This won’t be a devastating blow, though—you’ve been anticipating this for a while.


Love is in the air for Libra this month! Jupiter and Saturn are in your house of creativity, love, and passion, so the heaviness of Saturn will be a bit offset from Jupiter’s presence. If you’re single, you’ll likely find someone you connect with well. If you’re partnered, it’s a great time to find the sweetness and fun in your relationship. Venus is already in your sign and will stay there until the 10th, and the planet of beauty, love, and affection will continue to play a vital role in your relationships—especially regarding romance. Mars will also move into your sign on the 14th, which will give you the confidence and drive to take on whatever life throws your way. As the Sun also enters your first house, all eyes will be on you—so enjoy it!


You may be feeling a shift of focus away from friendships during this time since the Sun and Mars have transited out of Leo and your 11th house. Now, you may feel the need to start buckling down and focus on your creative projects. This isn’t a bad thing, and some much-needed me-time is absolutely in order. Be aware that Mercury will be in retrograde at the very end of the month, and this time it takes place in your sign (and 1st house). Try not to be too concerned about this, though—if you fight it, things will only be more difficult. Take this time to lay low and watch what you say/how you come off to others.


Your house of children is lit up by both Jupiter and Saturn this month—your younger children will likely surprise you and make you very proud. This is a good opportunity to ensure you’re carving out quality time with your little ones—you don’t want to miss out on their creativity and excitement during this time of their life. If you’ve been considering starting a family, now is a good time to entertain that idea, with Jupiter well-known for bringing luck and abundance wherever it goes!

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