What Gemini Should Expect For September 2021 (Horoscope)

September has arrived, and with that, a whirlwind of excitement and intensity in the astrological realm. Virgo season is now in full swing—the Sun and Mars in this sign at the start of the month have everyone in a productive, focused mindset, ready to finish strong. With Venus at home in Libra, one of the signs of its rulership, our relationships may be taking a front seat. There is a desire to connect and understand our partner better, which requires us to clear the air and set things straight under the watchful eye of Virgo energy. Later on, when Venus moves into Scorpio, we may feel the distinct need to bond intensely and draw closer to our significant others than ever before—or to seek one out if currently single. Towards the very end of the month, Mercury will go into retrograde in the sign of Libra—which means some potential miscommunication and frustration, but don’t stress too much yet!

For Geminis in particular, this month is having effects in most major areas of your life. With Virgo season at the beginning of the month (the sign you share co-rulership with in Mercury) and Libra season showing up at the end (a fellow air sign), there is plenty to look forward to and plenty to keep in mind. September is ready to give you a reinvigorated look on life if you’re prepared to engage with it.

(Keep in mind to not only read for your Sun sign but your Rising sign as well!)


With back-to-school sessions in full swing, you may be feeling a little anxious at the beginning of the month. Don’t worry; things will get better. Jupiter—the planet of expansion, growth, and luck—has been residing in Aquarius for a bit and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Jupiter is currently hanging out in your house of travel and higher learning, which means you’re more intellectually open and curious than usual. You may find yourself contemplating the decision to engage in new studies and learn more about interests you’ve been pushing aside. Jupiter wants to give you a healthy dose of optimism and possibility in this area! In addition to Jupiter, Saturn is also in the sign of Aquarius for a while, which means it’s hanging out in your 9th house as well. Saturn is the planet of boundaries, rules, and restrictions, meaning it doesn’t want to dive headfirst into anything unless we know what we’re doing. Having both of these planets in the same house may cause some tension and confusion at times, but you’ll need to keep both in mind before making any big decisions. Just know windows of opportunity are more than available to you—just make sure you’re paying attention.


Your career life seems to be looking up this month, Gemini. Neptune has been in Pisces, which affects your 10th house, which likely means you’ve struggled with feeling scattered in this area. You haven’t been sure exactly which direction to take or where you want to end up in terms of your career. This month opportunities are present to give you a bit of clarity, but it requires you to put in the work—no one is going to simply hand things to you. Virgo season asks us to finish what we start—you’ve had plenty in motion and likely had your head all over the place, but it’s time to bring it home. Once Venus enters Scorpio, it will move into your 6th house, which opens up the channels for you to create better work habits and work well with your colleagues. You’ll have a better picture of how to care for both your health and your work ethic. The Full Moon on September 20th will also light up this section, so a new job, a raise, or something upbeat and career-oriented could happen surrounding that week. Remember to keep your eyes peeled because no one is going to perfectly place these things in your lap; you will need to fight for them.


Love is in the air for you this month—or at least on your mind. Venus in Libra will be moving through your house of romance, passion, and creativity until September 10th, which is a great time for romantic gestures, expressing adoration, and genuine feelings of love and passion through creative means. If you’re single, this is the time to put yourself out there—the possibilities of meeting interesting people are immense during this time. If you’re in a relationship or married, this will be a potential chance to strike up some romance and reignite sparks that may have fallen to the side or to keep building on what has already begun. Virgo season has caused you to reevaluate what is and isn’t working in your relationships—causing you to shake off old, outdated concepts and see things with fresh eyes. If there is any uncertainty or distance between you, it’s time to clear the air now and ensure you’re on the same path. Towards the beginning of the month, you may find that some family issues are putting a strain on you and potentially your relationship—be aware and ensure your family issues stay there, rather than wreaking havoc on your love life.


You’re still dealing with unpacking your wounds surrounding friendships like you have been for months, given Chiron in Aries is currently transiting your 11th house of friends and social life. However, this doesn’t mean your friends aren’t important—you’ve simply been evaluating and healing from prior hurt. Right now, your focus is a little more on love and career, less on friends. This makes sense, but still, check in with the people you care about. Eventually, things will slow down for you, and you’ll have a stronger desire to reconnect later on. Be aware that Mercury is retrograde towards the end of the month. With it being in the sign of Libra, you may crave communication but will want to be flamboyant about it, so choose your words wisely.


Your family life feels a little hectic this month. It’s an excellent time to clear the air here and settle disputes—whatever issues have been building up, it’s time to talk it out. Virgo season has the Sun and Mars in your 4th house of family, home, and roots, and it is pushing you towards reconciliation. The New Moon also highlights this section on September 6th, which is the perfect time to start setting boundaries for the future. Mercury also rules Virgo, so communication is at the forefront, so be prepared for tough but also necessary conversations. While Mars is pushing you to work things out with your family, you’ll also potentially feel some restless energy to change things up in your physical home. Things will ease up later in the month once The Sun and Mars both move into your 5th house, giving you a chance to focus more on love and passion than strict family matters. Speaking of the 5th house, Venus in Libra (and later on in the month Sun and Mars) will all be transiting this section for you, which highlights your children in a big way. Whether it’s through their achievements or simply their outlook on the world, you’ll feel a closer connection and expression, and you’ll likely be feeling incredibly proud of and in awe of them. If you’re trying to have kids, there is favorable energy here for that as well!

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