What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Relationships

What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Relationships

While most of us are familiar with our sun signs, there are equally important aspects of our birth charts that we don’t know quite as well. We may make some basic assumptions on who we are compatible with based on their Sun, yet our moon signs give some profound insight, especially in our relationships.

Our moon sign reflects our thoughts, emotions, and the way we internally process the world around us. We may be less likely to share this aspect of ourselves with others until we feel comfortable, meaning we see a whole other side to a person.

So what does your moon sign say about your relationships?

Moon in Aries

You’re passionate, driven, and a bit impulsive. When you see someone you’re attracted to, you prefer to dive in and ask questions later. You believe in experiencing the moment, and you refuse to let it slip away. You may be prone to saying exactly how you feel, even if it isn’t tactful or hurts someone’s feelings. You can be defensive and let your anger get the best of you for a moment, but you usually move past minor issues quickly. Your relationships are often marked with a desire for romance and spontaneity because you want to hold onto that initial spark.

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Moon in Taurus

You’re grounded, sentimental, and loyal to a fault. The moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning it feels powerful and elevated. You tend to approach your relationships knowing what you want within them. You believe that relationships don’t function well when you aren’t hearing the other person, so you may find that you’re more forthcoming in starting a conversation than your partners. You can be a bit stubborn and don’t like admitting you’re wrong, but you will for the health of the relationship. As long as your partner makes you feel secure and cherished, you’ll go above and beyond for them.

Moon in Gemini

You’re inquisitive, conversational, and flexible. You want both you and your partner to be free to ask questions and not feel restrained in your relationship. Communication is essential to you if things are going to work out. You have a somewhat difficult time expressing your emotions–you have to talk things out in a concrete way to process what you’re feeling. People are often drawn to you, and because of your playful nature, you can come off as a flirt, which can be a struggle in your relationships if your partner is prone to jealousy. You may feel the need to change up relationships to explore what is out there. Still, if you’re dating someone who is adventurous and allows you to be yourself, you are more than happy to see where things will go!

Moon in Cancer

You’re nurturing, sensitive, and soft-hearted. The moon is ruled by Cancer (meaning it feels right at home in this placement), so it makes sense that you thoroughly enjoy expressing how you feel. You’re incredibly intuitive both with yourself and with others–you know what you’re feeling and can typically tell if something is going on with your loved ones. When it comes to dating, you strive for long-term, dedicated partnerships. You thrive off of safety and security, and you gravitate towards people you believe will provide that for you. You will go out of your way to care for any need your significant other may have, but you also want to be doted on! You aren’t afraid to dive into love when it arrives, and your partners never doubt that you care for them deeply.

Moon in Leo

You’re bold, dedicated, and have a strong presence. You aren’t afraid to place a spotlight on how you’re feeling–you want everyone to know. In your relationships, you believe respect and support are just as necessary as affection, and you won’t hesitate to shower your partner with those things. You gravitate towards people who have big dreams and goals–if someone impresses you, you’re pretty much smitten with them. You may come off as a bit extreme with your emotions at times, but it’s usually a sign that you feel you aren’t being heard. When you fall in love, your generosity knows no bounds. You want someone to be crazy about you and unafraid to express that, but you’re more than willing to return the favor.

Moon in Virgo

You’re intentional, reserved, and incredibly loyal. You can be a bit guarded when it comes to your emotional side–you prefer to focus on and help others with their struggles. In relationships, you believe that both people should be self-sufficient but willing to take care of each other in practical ways. You have a hard time admitting when you need something, so you need an intuitive partner to pick up on subtle cues (though it won’t hurt you to get better at communicating your needs out loud). You can be over-analytical at times, but it’s only because you want the relationship to be the best it can. You aren’t one for radical or dazzling displays of affection, but your partners know they can always depend on you regardless of what’s going on in their lives.

Moon in Libra

You’re considerate, idealistic, and have a unique ability to bring people together. You have a strong desire to connect with others on multiple levels, including emotionally. Others feel as though they can open up to you due to your genuine interest in what they have to say. You’re a bit of a romantic whenever it comes to relationships. You show significant amounts of affection to your partners, and you aren’t afraid to tell someone how you feel. You can also be averse to conflict and consistently compromise what you want to make others happy, which can be an issue if the other person takes advantage of you. However, you’re a patient and understanding person who is always willing to look at someone else’s side of things before making any serious decisions.

Moon in Scorpio

You’re intense, private, and incredibly intuitive. The moon is in its fall in Scorpio, which means you have a more challenging time opening up than most–but this doesn’t mean you don’t have a well-spring of emotion! You crave serious relationships, and when you fall in love, you’re all in. You’re passionate and thrive with partners who can balance respect for your boundaries and showering you with intense devotion. You have some issues with trusting yourself and others and tend to believe you have to handle your emotional problems on your own–but you honestly don’t. You may come off as reserved, but you aren’t afraid to open your heart to someone you are head over heels for.

Moon in Sagittarius

You’re restless, adventurous, and full of heart. You’re typically the life of the party in most circumstances, even if you’re not trying to be. You take on the position of lifting people’s spirits with a joke or a fun experience, and the people you love adore you for it. In your relationships, you crave freedom and exploration–physically, mentally, and emotionally. You aren’t afraid to tell someone how you feel about them because you tend to value straightforward communication. However, you struggle with expressing negative emotions due to not wanting to burden anyone with your problems. You thrive with an independent partner who respects your space but who also wants to join you in trying new things and creating great memories together. If they can keep up with you, you’ll quite literally move mountains for them.

Moon in Capricorn

You’re private, practical, and a little stoic. The moon is in detriment when it falls in Capricorn, meaning it doesn’t express itself as easily, but you’re far from an emotionless robot. You aren’t one to be overly affectionate or gushy when you care for someone, and you don’t think you need to prove your love. In relationships, you prefer to show how you feel in practical and action-oriented ways: whether that’s providing money, taking care of undesirable errands, or providing a shoulder to lean on when things are tough. You do have an emotional side, but it takes plenty of effort for anyone to access it. You are drawn to partners who complement you and those who value what you bring to the relationship. You’re as loyal as they come and are unafraid to commit to a partner if you believe there is serious potential to go the distance.

Moon in Aquarius

You’re logical, distinctive, and independent. Similar to Capricorn moons, you aren’t one to be overly lovey-dovey with your emotions. You have a big heart for other people and want to do what’s best for them, but it has to feel meaningful to you–otherwise, it’s simply a waste of time. When it comes to dating, you believe that everyone should be independent and content on their own but can still benefit and grow together. You tend to withdraw from those you feel demand too much from you, but you’re open to a conversation on how to move forward. You’re much more likely to become friends before dating a person because friendships are incredibly valuable to you. Your relationships are often marked with spontaneity and dedication to becoming better people. If your significant other appreciates your unique nature and respects your need for independence, then you’re in it for the long haul.

Moon in Pisces

You’re intuitive, empathetic, and a bit of a romantic. You’re able to see things from others’ points of view and make them feel understood. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve–your emotional expression is your strength, not your weakness. You don’t like to bother people with your problems, but when you choose to express how you’re feeling, you do so without restraint. In relationships, you gravitate towards those who may need a little help showcasing their emotional side, as well as someone grounded and consistent who balances you out. You tend to fall in love with the idea of people, which can cause issues at times. Your main deal-breaker in relationships is people who dismiss your sensitivity and try to force you to become someone you aren’t. You are at your best with a partner who is patient and understanding, and you’re more than willing to return the favor.

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