Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Most to Least Compatible With A Taurus

Ranking The Zodiac Signs From Most to Least Compatible With A Taurus


Virgo and Taurus signs are both earth elements, which gives them some familiarity to work with–something they both appreciate. Taurus is a bit more stubborn than Virgo, but they typically know exactly what they want out of the relationship, which is something Virgo admires. Virgo is always pushing themselves (and others) to be better and tends to have a concrete plan to make their goals happen, something Taurus respects. Given both of their desires to have a structured life, these two do well together.


Like Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus are another Earth sign pairing. Taurus is more concerned with the home and isn’t one to play games in a relationship, which Capricorn is drawn to. Capricorn is determined and dependable in providing attention in practical ways, which Taurus swoons over. These two can bring out the sensitive, fun-loving side of the other because there is unparalleled trust and security between them.


Taurus and Cancer both find themselves strongly affected by the moon–which says a great deal about their emotional compatibility. Taurus is stubborn but is loyal to the core, something Cancer adores. Cancer is sentimental and nurturing, which Taurus genuinely appreciates. Both have a strong love of their home life and will go out of their way to put it first, which is something both signs have a hard time finding in others.


The Taurus/Scorpio pairing can vary depending on the people involved, but on paper, these two actually make a great team. Taurus is loyal and straightforward, something Scorpio needs in a relationship. Scorpio is devoted and passionate when they are in love, which Taurus craves from their partners. While the stubbornness of Taurus and the passion of Scorpio can occasionally cause disagreements between them, Taurus signs are patient and unwilling to give up and Scorpios will fight for what they love.


It’s no surprise that Pisces and Taurus would work well together, even if on the outside they seem pretty different. Taurus is structured and pushes people to become better versions of themselves, which Pisces benefits from. Pisces pushes Taurus to take unwind and ensure they take care of themselves, which Taurus needs from time to time. Given that both signs are known to take care of the people around them, they don’t have to wonder if their needs will be met–both sides will do everything they can to make it happen. Taurus’ stubborn side can sometimes be offputting to Pisces, but they have enough patience to work through that rigidity with them.


Air signs aren’t typically considered an ideal match for Earth signs, but Libra and Taurus do hold some common ground. Both signs are ruled by Venus, which rules aesthetics and relationships. Both signs want a romance for the ages and place significant value on appearances, which allows their connection to start off well. Taurus is a practical decision-maker, something Libra is attracted to, and Libra is social and isn’t afraid to show how they feel, which Taurus values. There can be problem areas given their differences. Taurus’ stubborn need to be right can cause them to steamroll over Libra, who wants to keep the peace. However, these two do genuinely care for each other and won’t give up on the relationship without a fight.


While it’s true that dating your own sign can have its pros, it also has its setbacks. Taurus signs love that they know what makes the other tick, but if they aren’t exactly on the same page then their respective bull-headed natures can get in the way of any type of compromise. Also, whenever we see things we don’t like about ourselves reflected in someone else, we can grow frustrated and angry–so two Taurus signs need to be self-aware of their own flaws before trying to date each other. However, both signs tend to have the same values and goals in mind, which can make for a dependable match.


Aries and Taurus signs are quite different on the outside, but that isn’t always a bad thing. Signs that fall next to each other in the zodiac realm tend to have an opposites attract vibe, and for these two it’s no different. Taurus is prone to staying at home and focusing on the future, which can be unsettling for Aries who is constantly ready to try something new and live in the moment. Aries can come off as immature at times, which can make Taurus feel as if they have to parent them. However, Aries and Taurus both have a bold and stubborn streak, which causes them to have to set aside their issues if they want things to work. Plus, both are vocal on what they want and how they feel, which can be helpful in resolving issues that come up. These two may have some issues to work through, but if they can communicate well then they have a fighting chance.


Like Aries, Gemini and Taurus are quite different on the outside but fall next to each other on the zodiac wheel. These two have different frames of mind on how to approach life. Taurus is grounded and prefers a routine, something Gemini finds boring. Gemini thrives in unpredictability and changing things up, which doesn’t appeal to Taurus in the slightest. However, these two can help each other out–Taurus can provide structure and help Gemini bring their countless ideas to life, and Gemini can pull Taurus out of their shell a little more. Gemini is a sign that requires immense communication, something Taurus values a great deal, so if they can both keep an open mind about the other there is a possibility things could work out.


Taurus and Sagittarius don’t have a ton of common ground, but it isn’t a doomed pairing. Taurus loves structure, reliable foundations, and having a plan to work with. Sagittarius desires freedom, loves to tackle new adventures, and isn’t afraid to go with the flow. Sagittarius is one to keep an open mind and will listen to what Taurus has to say, and Taurus admires Sagittarius’ desire to expand their mind and become a better person. However, Taurus signs can be a little more possessive than Sagittarius would like, and Sagittarius doesn’t really like to make commitments, which can be a sore spot for Taurus. The match isn’t impossible but requires a lot of work to keep it alive.


Aquarius and Taurus have a hard time seeing eye-to-eye on…anything. Taurus is a bit more traditional and focused on how to bring their goals to fruition. Aquarius is unconventional and focuses more on ideas than practical solutions. However, these two have a chance at bonding over intellectual conversations–something both has a strong suit in. Taurus strives to build a home and plan a long-term future, whereas Aquarius prefers to remain untethered and not plan too far ahead. This can cause dissonance between the pair, especially with Aquarius being almost as stubborn as Taurus in what they think is correct. Aquarius’ need for freedom and space at a moment’s notice can be frustrating for Taurus, and Aquarius may feel smothered by Taurus’ constant desire for validation of the relationship. If both signs can set aside their differences and give the other a chance to fall in love, they can make it work–but it will take immense effort on both sides.

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