How Each Zodiac Sign Would Do Competing In "The Circle"

How Each Zodiac Sign Would Do Competing In “The Circle”


You would come right out the gate initiating friendships and alliances. You would constantly hype up the other players, always ready to give a pep talk when they needed it. Your overly competitive nature would cause some tension in making friends, but you’d find a way to win them over. You wouldn’t have a fully fleshed-out game plan but would insist your strategy is just “to win the whole thing.”

Why You Got Blocked: You were a little too aggressive for some of the other players, and they saw you as a potential threat.


You would initially lay low and take your time getting to know the players but would only form alliances with specific people. You would stay pretty level-headed and focus on yourself, but would always stand by your friendships throughout the whole game. However, if anyone starts causing drama or attacking someone your connections, you’ll have their back–and if one of your friends is blocked, you’ll go out of your way to target the people who sent them home.

Why You Got Blocked: You either won the game by staying under the radar and staying ahead, or you let your stubbornness get the best of you and caused people to turn against you.

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You’re chatting with every single player by day one. You commit all the info you’ve learned from the other player’s bios to memory to try and form connections. You’re somehow on good terms with just about everyone, but you aren’t afraid to do what you have to get ahead. You’d likely catfish simply because you know you could get away with it.

Why You Got Blocked: You almost made it to the end, but someone swore you were a catfish and voted you out.


You go into the game wanting to win the money to take care of yourself and your loved ones, but once you get into the game, you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into. You genuinely love everyone and have a hard time blocking players, so you try to stay neutral. You’ll be passive-aggressive in the chats when you’re annoyed, but the others barely notice–you only strike against those who attack you first.

Why You Got Blocked: You didn’t make enough of an impression on enough people, even though you wanted to.


Everyone loves you or hates you; there is no in-between. You take charge in leading the group chats, and you have a big personality that you don’t try to hold back. You know you can be off-putting to some of the players, but you came to win and have no doubts that you’ll do so. The other players will likely try to stay on your good side since you are determined to stay ahead of the game–if you don’t win, you’ll probably come close.

Why You Got Blocked: You either won the whole thing, or you caused too much drama, and they got tired of the antics.


You had a strategic plan already mapped out before the game even began. You could catfish if you wanted, given your extreme attention to detail, but even if you go in as yourself, you will ensure everything goes according to plan. You form alliances with everyone, despite that you trust none of them. You get about halfway through the game before something unexpected happens and your plan starts to unravel.

Why You Got Blocked: Your plan hit a few snags, and you weren’t able to recover–you ended up blocked before you could figure out a new strategy.


You’re probably an influencer most of the time because you are legitimately friends with every single player. You know all the tea, but you rarely spill it to stay in everyone’s good graces. About halfway through the game, you’re likely suspected as a catfish because you just seem too nice.

Why You Got Blocked: You likely end up blocked because you tried to stay neutral, so you were an easier target to get rid of.


You trust no one, period–but no one else has to know that. You form alliances but are skeptical throughout the whole game, always prepared for someone to betray you. You can single out who’s dishonest immediately and make them your personal target–subtly letting everyone else know your thoughts without directly calling them out. The other players are drawn to your mystery but also can’t stop thinking you’re the one being so dishonest since you don’t like to talk about yourself much.

Why You Got Blocked: You refused to answer any questions about yourself, and everyone found it suspicious–they didn’t realize that’s just how you are in general.


You don’t want to take the game too seriously, but you still stir the pot every now and then just to see what happens. Everyone likes you overall, but your carefree attitude only gets you so far in the game.

Why You Got Blocked: You’ll either make it all the way to the end because no one saw you as a threat, or you get blocked early on because you were too chill.


You’re wholeheartedly fixated on that grand prize, but you struggle a bit with maintaining friendships. If you can find some people who are similar to you, then your alliance will take you pretty far, but you’re fairly judgemental of everyone else, so it’s a bit of a toss-up. You have a solid strategy, and you play by the rules, and everyone likely underestimates you most of the game. You’re a person of your word, though, so you stick around most of the time since others know where they stand with you.

Why You Got Blocked: You were too focused on the prize that you didn’t make enough close connections–you were blocked because you didn’t focus enough on building stronger bonds.


Everyone assumes you are a catfish because you just seem too quirky. You try to form friendships, and the ones you make are strong, but you manage to keep a reasonably low profile. You are pretty out of the box in your strategy, but you also tend to think everyone loves you despite not knowing you very well. You’re only real shot is that your alliances come through for you.

Why You Got Blocked: Your alliances were voted off before you, and you just seemed like the next obvious choice.


You change alliances every week because you can’t decide what the best strategy is. You’re able to suss out the catfish pretty early on with your intuition, but you don’t get rid of them right away. You’re always there for the other players, which allows you to move forward multiple rounds, but if there is a clear divide between two people, you have a hard time picking a side, and you end up making yourself a Target. You’re pretty well-liked by everyone, but they can’t tell if your free-flowing nature is endearing or suspicious.

Why You Got Blocked: You couldn’t make any concrete decisions, and everyone felt you were hiding something, so they blocked you.

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