These Are The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Fall In Love With The Idea Of A Person

These Are The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Fall In Love With The Idea Of A Person


You have rose-colored glasses, though you may not want to admit it, Pisces. While you want to know someone as authentically as possible, it doesn’t mean you don’t spend more time daydreaming about the potential relationship than staying present in reality. If someone tends to blow you off, you’ll make plenty of excuses for them. If they are kind to you, you will try to read between the lines and apply it to how they feel about you. You are willing to forgive a person based on the idea you have of them, even if it’s not who they are.


You have a solid idea of the type of person you want to be with- but sometimes, you’re willing to bend that idea around a person. You have a list of qualities that you want in a person, and if someone comes along who checks off at least some of them, you’ll start fantasizing about what your relationship could be. You like things to look a certain way, and you’re willing to excuse some minor flaws here and there. Ultimately you fall in love with what you want in a person and try to find someone who can at least somewhat fill those shoes.


It’s no secret that you enter relationships for the long haul. While you want someone who will stick around and be there for you, sometimes you can fall more for the idea than the actual person in front of you. You can be so blinded by how you feel that you don’t always notice when the person is doing things halfway- because you can fill in the gaps in your mind. While you pay plenty of attention to the health of your relationship, you’re still willing to give out multiple chances hoping that the person will give you what you need, even if they never promised to do so.


You get incredibly excited about connecting with someone new, and it doesn’t take long for you to find something to bond over. You can have one magical evening together, and then your mind launches into all the beautiful possibilities that could unfold. There isn’t anything wrong with thinking about the future, but you tend to live there. Your mind continues to write the script of the life you want, and you get disappointed when others don’t live up to it. You’re more likely to find someone new if they don’t live up to the hype in your mind, but it can cause you to write off people more than you care to admit.


You don’t often find yourself falling hard for people, but when you do, it’s notable. Usually, you fall for someone who gives you space and freedom to do what you want- and you tend to romanticize them for it. You may bond over interests that you typically don’t with others, and you start idealizing that you’ve found a person who gets you. However, whenever that person does try to spend more time with you or doesn’t fully grasp where you’re coming from all the time, that dream bubble pops. It takes a minute to realize you were more obsessed with the idea than who they actually were.

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