Why You Have A Hard Time Making Friends, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why You Have A Hard Time Making Friends, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: People can’t keep up with you

The truth is, people really want to be your friend! You seem like fun, and you want people to have a great experience! Yet, at times, you get so excited that you become impulsive- you change plans frequently, you don’t really stick to consistency, and you get ahead of yourself. You have so much going on that people find it hard to keep up with you.

Taurus: You’re slightly judgmental

You don’t let people in easily- you have a pretty strong vetting system in place. While it might be easy to become your friend after you’ve decided they’re worth your time, some people don’t like to wait around that long to see if they make the cut. You aren’t all that concerned with making a ton of new friends- you already have the people you want in your life.

Gemini: Your tendency to flake

It really isn’t hard for a social butterfly like you to make friends, Gemini. You give off enough of an interesting vibe to draw people in, and likely they want to be friends with you right off the bat. However, you can get distracted relatively easily- you make commitments to plans that you might flake out on later if you’ve forgotten or another opportunity arises. It can become frustrating if it happens often!

Cancer: You come off as smothering

You really do love your friends, and you enjoy meeting new people who have similar interests! However, sometimes you come on a little intense. You believe in expressing how you feel, but for some people, the affection and constant texting to check up on them can feel a bit overbearing. They can tell you have a good heart, but they also might feel a bit smothered.

Leo: Your spotlight is overwhelming

You’re the life of the party! You walk into a room, and people know you’ve arrived. While people may admire you, they also can feel overwhelmed by you- they want to become your friend, but they don’t want to simply walk around in your shadow. If you notice this immediately, you can show them how much you care- but first impressions can make a big difference!

Virgo: You stay closed-off to people

You know that you aren’t exactly the most approachable, Virgo. While you honestly are a fantastic friend to have, you don’t want to get close to just anyone. Someone has to be able to handle constructive criticism, enjoy sarcasm, and not need showy words to prove you’re friends- and most people just don’t vibe well with that upon the first meeting.

Libra: You’re indecisive

You have absolutely no problem making friends, and everyone knows it. People are drawn to you, and you have a likability that makes people want to know you better. The only pitfall is your lack of decisiveness- if someone isn’t willing to take the lead and make decisions, they may become tired of you not stepping up in that area. Even so, most people know you’re only trying to ensure everyone is happy, so they’ll likely stick around anyway.

Scorpio: You’re intimidating

Most people who meet you would like to be friends with you, but they aren’t sure how to approach you. You can be somewhat intimidating to new people- you’re reserved and often mysterious when you first interact with people. If someone can get the nerve, you usually aren’t one for small talk and tend to jump into more profound, more personal questions. This tends to make or break things for you because people either meet you on your level, or they feel overwhelmed by moving so quickly in the conversation. You don’t mind this, but it often leaves you struggling to make friends as quickly as others.

Sagittarius: Your need for independence

You’re easy to approach Sagittarius, but not so easy to hold onto, that’s for sure. Your non-judgemental and positive attitude can make others feel like they’ve known you forever. Yet you have a strong need for independence that leaves others confused. You may not find it uncommon to disappear for a while and then pop back in again, but that doesn’t always sit well with people who want to be close friends. You likely have more acquaintances than anything else.

Capricorn: You don’t try to engage with people

You aren’t the easiest person to make friends with, Capricorn. You aren’t actively trying to keep people away from you, but you tend to not engage much in conversation unless it’s something exciting to you (or if it’s essential). You have a pretty deadpan sense of humor, which can be off-putting to people who don’t know you unless they happen to share it as well. You can be a bit pessimistic, and it can come off as being a killjoy, and most people aren’t dying to be friends with someone always trying to be “realistic.”

Aquarius: You aren’t consistent in communication

You’re an interesting person, no one can fight you on that. You have an easy-going vibe and a desire to connect on things that matter to you. Yet you have a tendency to keep people at bay emotionally. You don’t like feeling tethered to people or situations and want the full freedom to do what you want to do. You need the kind of friends who don’t mind you being distant and not talking to them for weeks or months, and to reconnect when you show up again- but it takes some time to build that kind of trust and understanding. Most people really just think you don’t want to be friends with them, period.

Pisces: People are wary of your kindness

You are a warm-hearted person and easy to get along with, and most people feel like they can open up to you about anything. You try to be understanding and open-minded towards everyone you meet. While that can be reassuring for some, it can make others feel wary. You can almost seem too friendly at times- people can feel suspicious about your true intentions, even if they are totally innocent.

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