This Is What Each Zodiac Sign Has The Hardest Time With In Relationships

This Is What Each Zodiac Sign Has The Hardest Time With In Relationships

Aries: Emphasizing your thoughts and feelings more than your partner’s.

You have a lot of enthusiasm that draws people to you in the first place. When you enter into a relationship you have so many ideas on how it can and should go- you want it to be incredible. While it may come from a good place, you have your moments where you don’t always check in with your partner to see what they are thinking or feeling. You take the lead without hesitancy and it can mean that your partner feels unheard and unappreciated.

Taurus: Compromising

You aren’t afraid of expressing what you want, which your partners tend to appreciate. You want both you and your partner to be happy, but you also like your routines and your plans. Relationships often require compromise- which you struggle with often. It’s not that you don’t care about your partner’s wants or needs, you just hate changing from what you’re used to. It’s a sore spot that shows up in your relationships more often than you’d like to admit.

Gemini: Staying in the moment

You get excited about being in a relationship- you see so much potential in where things could go. Sometimes you get ahead of yourself though and don’t really fixate on what’s happening at the moment. Your brain is already 10 steps ahead and painting a picture that may not represent what’s going on- and your partner tends to feel like you aren’t always present with them.

Cancer: Pressuring your partner for a future

It makes sense that you would want security in a relationship- we all do. We like to know we aren’t kidding ourselves into being with someone who isn’t really into us. However, that insecurity can spread quicker than you planned- and your partner notices. You may start off dropping subtle hints about a strong commitment, but it can turn into you smothering the person and pressuring them about the future. It can drive people away, even if they are really into you.

Leo: Having unrealistic standards

You tend to want the best for yourself and the people you love- but it can also cause some serious unnecessary pressure. You want everyone to know about your relationship and you want it to be perceived in a certain way by others. You want to prove to everyone else you have the best partner, and sometimes it can make the person you’re dating feel like they have to put on a show. They appreciate you showing them off, but they can feel like they have to be fake and make everyone think things are perfect all the time- regardless of the truth.

Virgo: Allowing someone to help you

You have a reputation of being the “put-together” one, and you hold that title with pride. You are the dependable person who will go out of their way to help their loved ones. This extends into your relationships- you will be the shoulder to lean on, the person who pushes them to be better, and the person who always has a plan. The part you struggle with is allowing your partner to help you when you need it. You like to have control of your life, and allowing someone else to help you feels like a weakness you don’t want to explore. While your partner may understand this, it can be discouraging to them when you won’t let them be there for you- and it can make them feel useless.

Libra: You’re always looking through rose-colored glasses

You have the perfect picture inside your mind of the type of relationship you want. You can see it all playing out perfectly. The thing you struggle with most in relationships is seeing everyone through rose-colored glasses- whether they deserve it or not. You fixate more on the positive aspects than the negative, which isn’t always a bad thing. You sometimes take it too far and make excuses for your partner’s behavior in order to preserve your idea of the relationship. It can lead to you being taken advantage of more than you’d like to admit.

Scorpio: Actually letting people in

You truly do want an intimate relationship. You crave being committed and willing to do anything to make your partner happy and make them feel loved. However, something is always blocking you from opening up in the way you need to in order to make that relationship a reality. You know you struggle with being vulnerable with others- and while you have your reasons, it doesn’t change the fact that your partner can’t fully know you if you don’t let them.

Sagittarius: Feeling limited or tied down

You aren’t opposed to being in a relationship- honestly, you enjoy sharing your life with someone else. You are always open to something new and you enjoy those experiences. Despite this, you still wrestle with the idea of feeling limited when you’re in a relationship. Sometimes it can be because the other person truly is trying to hold you back, but you know there is always a part of you that feels trapped when you commit yourself to someone. You’re capable of working through it, but when you don’t your partner can feel like you resent them.

Capricorn: Trusting things will work out

You don’t usually have high hopes when it comes to love. You like to think maybe things will work out, but you’ve had multiple experiences that have caused you to believe otherwise. You are dedicated and care for your partner, but you have a hard time accepting that things will actually work out in the long run. You try to prepare yourself so you can handle it better, but you set yourself up for a doomed relationship in the process.

Aquarius: Communicating your need for space

While you are an excellent communicator and enjoy sharing your thoughts and feelings with a partner, you also have a distinct need for space and time alone. This isn’t an unreasonable request- except you don’t often tell your partner it’s what you need. Instead, you tend to just disappear and do your own thing and explain later. While you may have an understanding partner, it can make them feel like you don’t care about them, or that you don’t consider their feelings. It may not be your intention, but it does get you into trouble that could easily be avoided.

Pisces: Thinking you’re the one who cares more

Let’s face it, you know that everyone usually comes to you when they need to get things off their chest. You don’t mind being there for the people you loved- and this seems to multiply when you’re in a relationship. The part you wrestle with is sometimes feeling like you’re the person who cares more. You pour so much into your partner, and sometimes you worry they don’t love you as much because they show their love differently. It can make you feel anxious and uncertain even if your partner is completely and totally into you.

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