These Are The Zodiac Signs Who Have The Hardest Time With A Long-Distance Relationship

These Are The Zodiac Signs Who Have The Hardest Time With A Long-Distance Relationship


Cancers will make the best of the situation, but they really struggle to be far away from the person they love. Ultimately they will make the sacrifice because they care about them so much. Still, they will undoubtedly have periods that feel overwhelming without their love by their side. They will send sweet messages and mail thoughtful gifts to show they care, but they would much rather be with them. The only thing keeping them going is how much they genuinely love the person.


Libras enjoy being with someone who balances them out and matches their energy. Libras get excited about actually doing things with someone and want their significant other by their side. Having the person they’re dating far away makes it hard for them to feel balanced, especially since schedules usually conflict. They can’t feel secure unless their person is with them- when they’re apart, it almost feels as if they aren’t there at all, even with the best of intentions.


Leos will give their all in an LDR, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Leos like to live their life loud and uninhibited, and they enjoy having a person in their life they can share every moment with. While that can happen to some extent with the technology that exists, it’s not the same as the real thing. Leos will still be devoted and make a big display of their affection, rooting on their partner and encouraging them. However, they will wrestle with whether the relationship can really work.


Scorpios require a great deal of security and trust to enter a relationship in the first place- which makes long-distance insanely tricky. If they haven’t had time to establish genuine trust with the person, it can be difficult to believe that they will remain faithful and still make them a priority from so far away. They try to hope for the best but end up expecting the worst.


Taurus signs really struggle with long-distance relationships because they want to have their partner be with them as much as possible. They enjoy a routine and thrive in structure, which isn’t impossible in an LDR but is tricky at times. They want certainty and to have the person woven into their everyday life, which makes being apart that much harder. They have the patience and determination to make it work, but it will be a constant struggle.

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