These Are The Zodiac Signs Who Have The Hardest Time Falling In Love

These Are The Zodiac Signs Who Have The Hardest Time Falling In Love


Capricorns aren’t anti-commitment or against relationships- quite the opposite. Yet the falling in love part is a little more complicated. Capricorns are pretty goal-oriented and often have other priorities rather than following their feelings, despite that the feelings may seem pretty great. Even if they want to fall, they spend a great deal of time going through what could possibly go wrong. They hate investing in things where they can’t fully see the outcome, and given that love requires quite a leap of faith in most cases, it’s not the easiest thing for them to do.


Like their other Earth sign counterparts, Virgos have difficulty letting themselves fall in love without resistance. They enjoy planning and pride themselves on having control of their lives. However, once love and emotions enter the picture, it’s hard to plan how they will react- or even more, how the other person will. It’s hard for Virgos to let go and just lead with their hearts. They recognize that love is often unpredictable and a little chaotic, so allowing themselves to be willingly thrown into that kind of situation? It isn’t the easiest.


Scorpios certainly aren’t against falling in love or being in a relationship. Given their vast amount of passion, intuitiveness, and dedication to others, they have so much to offer a partner. However, Scorpios are also pretty guarded and uncertain about other’s intentions. While they would love nothing more than to dive in and trust someone with their fears and insecurities, they feel being totally vulnerable with someone is too risky. If they can establish trust with a person, they won’t hold back how they feel- yet getting to a place where they feel safe takes some time.


Aquarians hold a reputation for being emotionless or unable to fully engage in romantic relationships- yet it couldn’t be farther from the truth. While they aren’t ones to be overflowing with expressive emotion or wearing their heart on their sleeve, they aren’t immune to falling in love and what it entails. Nonetheless, falling head over heels for someone isn’t exactly easy for them. It takes a particular type of person to make them feel intensely, and they won’t settle for just anyone. When they find that kind of person, they have a hard time stepping out of their reclusive nature and strict need for independence. It’s possible, but old habits die hard.

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Taurus signs genuinely thrive in commitment, but that doesn’t mean falling in love is simple. They know what they want and usually know whether or not a person is worth their time from the first meeting. However, they still wish to confirm that the person they have a crush on is who they believe them to be. They will take a considerable amount of time to get to know the person before allowing themselves to move any farther in the relationship. Even if the feelings are strong, they restrain themselves until they are confident the person will stick around for a while.

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