Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Ready To Give Up On Love

Why Each Zodiac Sign Is Ready To Give Up On Love

Aries: They aren’t appreciated enough

Aries are spontaneous and aren’t afraid of putting their whole hearts out on the line. They believe in loving loudly and taking the risk to prove how devoted they are. Yet at this point in their lives, despite that movies have told them a grand gesture will always win, they’ve had too many people who don’t appreciate them. They’ve been rejected and told they are too much- and it’s hard to keep putting yourself out there when you feel like it won’t be received well.

Taurus: Their patience has been tested too long

Taurus’ are loyal and dedicated partners- they will do so much for the people they love. They believe in working things out and sticking around for the long haul. However, they’ve certainly experienced their fair share of people taking advantage of their generous nature. They know what they want and are usually pretty honest upfront- but will put up with waiting on a person because they genuinely do want things to work. After one too many times of being placed on the back burner, they don’t really see the point in trying to figure things out.

Gemini: They’ve experienced too much

Geminis are excited about what could happen and what might unfold. They also have gone out of their way to experience as much as possible in the love game. The positive side is they aren’t afraid to take a chance on people, but the downside is they’ve seen how easily love can fall apart. They’ve seen the gruesome parts of relationships, and they just don’t have much hope for something extraordinary to come out of them- they’ll eventually end up getting hurt or heartbroken

Cancer: No one seems to be on the same page

Cancers know what they want- full devotion, commitment, and long life together. They aren’t fond of games or casual; they just want a person to be with who adores them completely. Yet especially in today’s modern dating world, it’s challenging to find someone who also wants the same thing. They have become used to people saying all the right things only to disappoint them later, and they’ve started to feel like there isn’t anyone on the same page.

Leo: No one seems good enough

Leos are independent and devoted. They are proud of themselves, but they are also particular of their partners because they want to be proud of them, too. They will do anything for someone when they are in love and are overwhelmingly generous. However, they’ve certainly experienced people who abuse their passion and influence. Regardless of how well they think they know a person, something always ends up happening that reveals the person’s true intentions- and Leos are tired of dealing with the disappointment and wasting their time.

Virgo: They don’t feel capable

Virgos are known to be critical of themselves- harshly so. They make dependable and loving partners who will take care of their loved ones. Yet even though they offer so much, they tend to feel that they are still not enough. They can always find a reason why they aren’t good enough for a person and tend to sabotage their chances by retreating away before anything can actually happen. They just don’t feel capable of being in love because they think they have too many faults and can’t imagine why someone would honestly want them.

Libra: They can’t find their fairytale romance

Libras are open-hearted and easy-going and tend to get along with most people they meet. They tend to draw people in and usually don’t have trouble catching the interest of someone. However, Libras don’t want just any person or a regular relationship. They want a fairytale and full-blown romance. They want to be swept off their feet, and especially in the modern dating world of keeping it relaxed and casual, they’ve had a hard time finding what they are looking for. They feel like they might as well give up because they will never get what they truly want.

Scorpio: They’ve been hurt too many times before

Scorpios already have trust issues as it is, but when they want to be with someone, they will still give their all to make it happen. They are particular and selective, but they don’t hold back their love or passion once they’ve committed to a person. Yet despite their best efforts, they’ve been hurt too many times by people they loved completely. Their worst fears become actualized, and they really don’t see the point in looking for love anymore.

Sagittarius: There is too much out there to explore

Sagittarius knows that love is a great thing, but it often leaves them feeling restricted- at least, how it’s always been told to them. They are playful and exciting partners and love being close with other people. Still, they also have an intense pull to continually move. Most of the time, love calls for sacrifice, and most people want to settle down, but Sagittarius signs feel like they are only getting started. As much as they might be interested in love, as long as it forces them to choose between exploration and standing still, there isn’t much of a contest.

Capricorn: They have their own priorities

Capricorns aren’t opposed to love by any means, and they make steady and caring partners. They will go the distance when they are in love and usually aren’t ones to give up easily. However, if they haven’t found that person to spend their life with yet, they start to feel pessimistic about ever doing so. They have their own goals and priorities to achieve, and they are growing tired of wasting time on people who don’t stick around when they could be putting their time to much better use.

Aquarius: They don’t feel they need anyone

Aquarius signs aren’t afraid of being alone, nor are they opposed to being in a relationship. They can see their lives perfectly unfolding with or without a partner by their side. It comes down to now that they have spent time chasing after people because they truly interested them and made them feel unexplainable things, only for those people to shatter their hearts. They might wish a past relationship had worked out, but ultimately they believe they don’t need anyone, and they don’t see a reason to invest their energy into finding someone.

Pisces: They can’t make up their mind on what they truly want

Pisces signs are incredibly romantic and love showering their partner with affection and devotion. They enjoy the highs and lows that love brings and aren’t afraid of the risks. The problem lies in the fact that they don’t know what they honestly want. Sometimes they believe they want to fall hopelessly in love, while others just want to be alone. Sometimes they entertain the idea of something casual, then change their mind and want something intense and committed. They pretty much want to give up because they have exhausted themselves trying to figure out what they want in a relationship.

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