This Is Which Schitt’s Creek Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Roland

Schitt’s Creek

Much like Roland, you aren’t afraid to be a little impulsive when the moment strikes you. Your confidence is sometimes viewed as arrogance, but you don’t allow others’ perceptions of you to change how you present yourself. You can be a bit abrasive and your anger can flare up often, but you get over things fairly quickly. Roland doesn’t take too well when he feels undermined and under-appreciated, particularly when it comes to his leadership- and though he may not always make the best choices, you get it.

Taurus: David

Schitt’s Creek

David definitely wears the stubborn trait of the Taurus sign well. Despite that he can be over the top at times, David doesn’t go out of his way to chase the spotlight. He wants attention, but only from very specific people- something you completely understand. He would rather stay at home and pamper himself rather than go on a wild night on the town. Much like David, you’re very particular about the quality of your things and only invest in what you believe is the best. You’re both guarded in relationships, but open up to those you’re certain you can trust. You’re loyal and aren’t the biggest fan of change, but will still come through for the people you care about.

Gemini: Ray

Schitt’s Creek

Ray’s upbeat attitude and constant desire for conversations, it’s hard not to see his Gemini traits. You both tend to have interests and hobbies in many different areas and you refuse to stick with one thing. You’re fun to be around and a little quirky, and you get along with pretty much anyone.

Cancer: Ted

Schitt’s Creek

You have a heart of gold, and honestly spend a great deal of time putting others’ needs above your own. You completely understand how Ted could fall in love with Alexis and give her multiple chances- once you’ve fallen for someone it’s difficult to let things go. You’re charming, nurturing, and while you may be a bit too trusting at times, you will do everything you can to protect your loved ones and let them know how much they mean to you.

Leo: Moira

Schitt’s Creek

Moira is never once subtle about how much she enjoys the spotlight- her Leo energy is radiant. She can certainly go over-the-top with her fashion choices, makeup, and her unforgettable accent- she thrives on the attention. You can relate to her because you both have a tendency to be overdramatic and emotionally expressive no matter what the situation, and you refuse to hide who you are. Moira has a fierce love for her family, despite that she can be a little self-absorbed at times. Yet whenever she does come through, it’s in a big way that is impossible to ignore.

Virgo: Patrick

Schitt’s Creek

Practical and put-together, Patrick’s Virgo energy is undeniable. He’s loyal and devoted to his relationships, though he tends to be a bit of a perfectionist at times. You both tend to be a stable presence for those around you, and your patience is always underestimated. You can be hesitant when you’re falling for someone, but once you’re in then you are all in. You know how to get things done and you strive to help the people around you be the best they can be.

Libra: Alexis

Schitt’s Creek

Alexis has a hard time making decisions initially, particularly in her relationships, and has a hard time being alone for most of the series, which is something you can relate to. She tries to make all sides happy and not cause tension, though she doesn’t shy away from a little bit of drama. Her flirtatious nature and consistently gorgeous appearance are perfectly in sync with Libras. People are typically drawn to you without much effort- and you don’t mind it one bit.

Scorpio: Stevie

Schitt’s Creek

Guarded and a little mysterious, Stevie doesn’t waste her time interacting with people she doesn’t care for. She would much rather spend her time alone than forcing a smile around people she doesn’t know. You both can have trouble trusting relationships, and if anyone hurts you then you will absolutely give them hell for it. You keep people at arm’s length, but will absolutely do anything for the people you care about.

Sagittarius: Ronnie

Schitt’s Creek

Ronnie seems to be an understated character, but when she’s around her presence is known. She’s exceptionally blunt and won’t hold back just to spare feelings. You both believe in being straight forward, and your sarcastic wit always manages to stir some laughter out of anyone. You’re hilarious without trying to be, and generally liked by most people despite that your “honesty” would normally drive others away.

Capricorn: Johnny

Schitt’s Creek

Johnny works hard to get family back on track after they suffer from their financial setbacks, and refuses to give up. He’s arguably the most grounded in the Rose family, and remains practical and level headed throughout most of the mishaps. You both have a desire to be there for your loved ones emotionally, though you don’t always know how to. You have a respect for work ethic and a protectiveness of your family and of your traditions, and you try to bring as much of your typical routine into any situation you find yourself in.

Aquarius: Mutt

Schitt’s Creek

Mutt doesn’t like to play by traditional rules, and neither do you. You tend to be a bit of a loner and distant from others, but once you connect with someone on a deeper level you can’t help but fall for them. Mutt likes his space and independence and isn’t afraid to take an entirely different approach than those around him- something you relate to fiercely.

Pisces: Twyla

Schitt’s Creek

Twyla’s loving and generous nature really embodies Pisces. She tends to give multiple chances out, even when the person hurts her. She’s much more content with the connections she has emotionally with others and isn’t concerned with material aspects. You both are exceptionally empathetic and pretty in tune with your own feelings, and occasionally find yourself taken advantage of. Yet your easygoing attitude and genuine desire to make others happy shines through nonetheless.

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