These Are The Zodiac Couples Most Likely To Clash (And How They Can Still Make It Work)

These Are The Zodiac Couples Most Likely To Clash (And How They Can Still Make It Work)

Aries and Cancer

Why they clash: Cancer is home oriented, a bit of an old soul, and isn’t a fan of unpredictability. Aries is spontaneous, constantly on the move, and can be unnecessarily blunt at times. Cancers are nurturers at heart, and so this relationship can often resemble more of a parental nature than a romantic one. While they may care for each other, their most basic and foundational desires don’t line up, and while Cancers may try to bend a little for the Aries, Aries’ stubborn nature means they won’t really return the favor. Cancers are sensitive and will take it personally if the Aries continuously dismisses what they want, and it will likely lead to explosive arguments- Aries will likely say harsh things they can’t take back, which will crush their Cancer partner.

How it can still work: If these two can find a way to manage their extreme emotions, this can stand a chance. Aries has to be quick to not react angrily, and needs to respect Cancer’s desire to build a home and connection together. Cancers need to make sure they voice their needs and wants to Aries, and do so in a way that isn’t accusatory. If they can work out exceptional communication skills, these two could create a diverse, exciting, full-spectrum relationship.

Taurus and Sagittarius

Why they clash: Sagittarius is a free-spirit who refuses to be tied down. Taurus is someone who creates their perfect bubble and rarely wants to leave it. Taurus wants security and stability, Sags want freedom and unpredictable circumstances. They have different ideas of how to live and what’s important- where Taurus focuses more on pulling life into their personal space, Sagittarius wants to explore everything life has to offer- and it puts them at odds often.

How it can still work: If these two take the time to be friends for an extended period of time. Despite their differing views, Sagittarius and Taurus are both supportive signs who desire to bring out the best in others- even if they don’t entirely understand the other person. Taurus is a dedicated steadfast sign that will always come through for those they care about- Sagittarius signs do enjoy having a loyal person in their corner. Taurus is also interested in discovering new things, something Sagittarius can personally help them with. If they can build a firm foundation full of understanding, these two might just make a romantic connection work.

Pisces and Virgo

Why they clash: Pisces are extremely empathetic and understanding- they don’t like to be left uncertain about another person’s intentions. Virgo’s also have a similar desire in wanting to understand their partner, but it usually leans into wanting to maintain a sense of control in their relationship. Pisces will relentlessly work to try and get a Virgo to tear down their walls, but Virgos aren’t ones to open up easily- especially if they feel pressured. Outside of this, Pisces’ emotional and idealistic nature clashes with the down-to-earth, practical Virgo. Virgo wants to fix solutions and solve problems, Pisces is more interested in discussing issues and uncovering their intentions.

How it can still work: One word describes their best chances of succeeding: Patience. Both signs have this virtue pretty well nailed down, even though they approach it differently. Despite the competing energies these two have, if they can find the right balance they could truly work together well. Pisces desire to understand people and they have empathy in spades. If they can recognize a Virgo’s reluctance to pressure early on, and if they are willing to play the long game, then Pisces won’t be one to walk away. On Virgo’s end, if they can see Pisces’ tendency to think of others before themselves, and if they can be gentle with how they help, then Virgos can actually encourage the Pisces to care for themselves, too. It will take dedication, but it’s possible if these two really want things to work.

Aquarius and Leo

Why they clash: These two signs are opposite on the zodiac spectrum, and as such can clash quite a bit if they aren’t careful. Both signs don’t want to be restricted, and they both put great value on being independent and self-sustained in their accomplishments. Aquarius can be a bit more reserved and stay in their head more than the socially-excitable Leo, which can cause some miscommunication between these two personalities. Ultimately, these two both hold a strong amount of pride that can be hard to work through.

How it can still work: Out of all the couples on this list, these two have the best chance of making it work. There is a mutual respect between Leos and Aquarius signs, and they often make great friends. Romantically, these both push boundaries and like to challenge each other to be better versions of themselves. If they can set aside their pride and learn to accept each other’s quirks and methods, then these signs can actually form a powerful and intense pairing.

Capricorn and Gemini

Why they clash: Some opposites attract…and some kill each other. Capricorn and Gemini signs typically fall into the latter category. Capricorn is a steadfast, traditional, hard-working sign that values honesty and stability as a top priority. Gemini on the other hand is chaotic, unconventional, and is always looking at news ways to view a situation. Gemini signs like to stay on the move, and they aren’t as concerned in doing things by the book as Capricorn signs. Caps tend to not waste time and don’t have a ton of patience for Gemini’s antics, and Geminis find Capricorns too restricting for their taste.

How it can still work: Another set that can work if they just learn to be patient with each other. Gemini signs have a lot of ingenuitive and fascinating ideas, which Capricorn signs could actually help them implement and bring to fruition. However, this requires Geminis to actually stick to an idea, and it involves Capricorns to actually work with them rather than rolling their eyes and walking away when they seem too chaotic. These two could really balance and shift the other out of their comfort zones- but it will take some work.

Libra and Scorpio

Why they clash: These two might look great on the outside, but inside is a whole different story. Libras are diplomatic and socially-conscious, and they like to paint a picture of the perfect relationship. Scorpios value honesty, but also their privacy, so they will put on a face if need be. Underneath the surface these two tend to be at odds. Scorpios are big about trust, and demand it from all their relationships. Libras are known to be conflict-avoidant, so they might be willing to stretch the truth to avoid a fight with the fiery nature Scorpios are known for. Scorpios are intense and desire something overwhelming and intimate, where Libra wants something fairytale-like and able to share with their circle of friends. Libra’s flirtatious personality is a bit of a sore spot for Scorpio’s jealous nature. Scorpios might find Libras as shallow and people pleasing, where Libras might find Scorpios to be overdramatic and possessive.

How it can still work: Communication is key. While these two will likely always have some trouble understanding each other, but given both of their desires to make a relationship work then there is a chance. The best way these two can work is to build their own independent lives and find a way to support each other in the process. Libras are known to try and understand their partner’s needs, so if they can accept and nurture Scorpio’s tendency for reassurance and quality time it can go a long way. If Scorpio’s can recognize that a Libra’s friendliness doesn’t mean they are being unfaithful, then there can be the much sought after harmony a Libra craves.

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