This Is The Best Vs. The Worst Thing About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign

This Is The Best Vs. The Worst Thing About Being Friends With Each Zodiac Sign


Best: They are incredible at hyping you up. They have your back and will show up when you need them. They’re always the first to jump at the idea of doing something, and they will bring you along for the ride.

Worst: They can have a bit of an impulsive and childish streak to them- and calling that into question can hurt their feelings easily. They have a bit of a temper that flares up, especially if they aren’t getting their way in a situation. They will blow past it like nothing happened, but it can be hard to keep up with them at times.


Best: When you are thinking of a ride-or-die friend, Taurus has your back. These guys don’t waste time- they get to know you from the beginning to see if you’re worth their time. If they bring you into their world, they will fight to keep you there.

Worst: Taurus signs appear relatively passive at first glance, but they have strong opinions and stances they don’t budge on. If you do or say something that doesn’t line up with your Taurus friend, they will certainly let you know it. While it’s great to have a friend who will tell you like it is, sometimes they are likely to tell you how they think it is.


Best: You will rarely experience a dull moment with a Gemini as your friend. If you want to know information on any number of subjects, chances are they already have it committed to memory- or where to find it. They thrive on connection and communication, and you won’t have to worry about them saying what they feel.

Worst: With all their interests floating around, it’s pretty easy for a Gemini to be caught up in their own stuff. They are so focused on their topic of conversation that they likely will act disinterested in whatever is being talked about unless they have a vested interest in it. To stay connected to everyone and everything else, they can come off as flaky when they refuse to commit to plans ahead of time.


Best: If there is anything consistent with a Cancer, it’s how devoted they are to proving their love for you. If you’re having a bad day, they will be ready to make it better. An encouraging word? Check. A long talk about your feelings? They’re on it. If you need validation, they are at ready to bring it to you because they truly think so well of you.

Worst: On the opposite end, having someone love you so much can cause some problems from time to time. If you’re not a particularly affectionate person, a Cancer’s devotion can feel suffocating at times- especially since they don’t always know when to stop. They can also be jealous of other close friendships you have. They put so much thought and effort into your friendship, and they want you to do the same- so if you’re investing a ton of your love and time with someone else, it can make them feel taken for granted.


Best: Leo’s know where the party is- usually because they are the party. They aren’t afraid to celebrate your accomplishments, and they believe working hard should mean playing just as hard. They know how to light up a room, and they won’t hesitate to do the same thing when they become part of your life.

Worst: While they do have big hearts, Leo’s can also carry big egos that don’t always set aside. If they feel like you aren’t appreciative of their achievements, they’ll start to feel defensive. They won’t ever say they need validation, but if they aren’t getting it, then they can begin to overcompensate- and bring you down in the process so they can elevate themselves.


Best: Virgos don’t become close with others quickly- so if you become a confidant of theirs, then you know you have a dedicated friend. They will offer encouragement as you go after your goals, and they won’t be afraid to tell you the truth about things. They will try not to hurt you, but they won’t sugarcoat anything.

Worst: Virgos hold themselves to a pretty rigid standard- and that can easily transfer to their friendships. They often feel they know what’s best for everyone- but even when they do, they can become frustrated that you aren’t following their advice. They can be quick to judge your choices, and it can cause tension that you weren’t expecting.


Best: When it comes to knowing everyone, a Libra is always at the heart of a social gathering. They’re easy temperament, and social grace usually means they are friends with whoever they come into contact with. They love to entertain, and they love getting to know others beyond the surface, so you genuinely feel a connection with them.

Worst: In the same way, Libras usually know everyone- and that can cause problems down the line. They don’t like conflict or confrontation, so they may not always have you back when you’re dealing with a problem with someone. Even worse, if your Libra friend is who you disagree with- they will likely retreat and try to pretend like the problem isn’t happening, never communicating how they’re feeling.


Best: Scorpios are intriguing people to have in your life- they don’t shy away from the deep, uncomfortable, personal things. While they can be a bit reserved themselves, they still show how much they care for their friends.

Worst: Nonetheless, if you ever cross a Scorpio, be prepared. They don’t like being lied to and will go to great lengths to seek revenge. They won’t merely dismiss any act of betrayal without a response- and if you’re on their bad side, then all bets are off.


Best: If you need someone to lighten your spirits, you can count on a Sagittarius. They’re curious and optimistic, and they love to explore the world around them. You can always expect your Sagittarius friend to have an idea of a new place to go or a joke to cheer you up when you’ve had a rough week. It’s hard to stay down when you’re with them!

Worst: While it’s great not to take yourself too seriously, there is a time and place where that’s called for- and Sags don’t always seem to catch that boundary. They can be challenging to have an essential conversation with- they would rather not focus on the negative aspects of things. They can also be a bit flaky at times, and if you’re not down to join them on an impulsive whim, they can disappear without overthinking about it.


Best: Capricorn friends will have your back, no matter what. They can be fairly protective over their loved ones, and they won’t settle for anyone messing with you. If you’re going through a hard time, they’re available to be your rock to hold onto- your steadiness when things get messy.

Worst: However, Capricorns are also notoriously hard workers- too much so at times. They push themselves to work incessantly, and they can pressure you into feeling you’re not doing enough. Especially when it comes to traditional methods, a Capricorn can also be condescending if you don’t want to do things by the book. They don’t like to waste time and don’t take kindly to anyone who slows them down.


Best: When it comes to knowing the most random and interesting aspects of things, you’ll usually find an Aquarius. They are avid learners, though they prefer to fixate on the psychological and humanitarian concepts than traditional ones. If you ever want to have an in-depth conversation with someone who will take you out of your head and see the world differently, your Aquarius friend is the best person for the job.

Worst: That being said, Aquarius types also tend to be incredibly independent, and don’t always feel the need to stay in constant contact. They have no issue isolating themselves and disappearing for weeks or months at a time- which makes it hard to connect and depend on them when you need them most.


Best: Sometimes, we just really need someone who understands us, and a Pisces is phenomenal at doing so. They have a unique way of understanding others’ feelings on an intuitive level. If you just genuinely need someone to get where you’re coming from or someone to talk things out with, your empathetic Pisces friend is always waiting with open arms.

Worst: Just because they get you, doesn’t mean they’re the best decision-makers. They have a hard time settling on what they want, usually preferring to lean towards what everyone else wants instead. They won’t want to make any decisions and will often push that job towards you- and for themselves, it won’t be uncommon for them to change their minds dozens of times, which can be exhausting.

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