What You Think It Will Be Like Dating Each Zodiac Sign Vs. What It's Actually Like

What You Think It Will Be Like Dating Each Zodiac Sign Vs. What It’s Actually Like


Expectation: They’ll want to go on non-stop adventures; sitting at home isn’t an option for them. They can be hot-headed and get into dumb fights with you that turn into makeup sex. They’ll honestly get mad and a lot of things and get into dumb fights, period. They will expect to take charge, and you won’t really get much say in the relationship.

Reality: They are patient and won’t settle down too soon, but if they think you’re the real deal, then they will go above and beyond for you. They let their actions speak louder than their words, but they aren’t afraid to express themselves. They have a fiery spirit but also a tender heart that wants to be taken care of, too. Even if they try to have a tough exterior 24/7. They want to take the lead, but they will grab your hand and make sure you’re both walking together, not them dragging you behind.


Expectation: Never wants to leave the house if they can help it. Is incredibly stubborn and insists it’s their way or the highway. They will want you to be part of their world, but won’t want to make an effort to be a part of yours. They will fixate on the romantic elements of your relationship and nothing else and will start planning your future before the first date is even over.

Reality: They are deeply invested and nurturing. They want to know everything about you on the deepest levels, so of course, they want to have plenty of alone time with you. They will shower you with affection and adoration, but they can be depended on to be serious and come through when the situation calls for it. Their goal is to build a future and foundation with you, and they want to be your best friend in the process.


Expectation: You’ll never know what to expect, they talk a mile a minute, they will always want to take you on new adventures and talk about 70 different theories at once. They will be social and get along with your friends, but you won’t know for sure if they are committed to you.

Reality: They will show you all the possibilities in any given situation, so your conversations will never be boring. They will keep you on your toes, but they will be there for you when you need them. They will want to be connected and get to know everyone in your life, but most importantly, they want to get to know you. They may not be exactly what you see on the surface, but they want to show you all their different sides and they want to know all of yours.


Expectation: To be smothered in so much love and affection, you don’t know what to with it. They’ll start planning your wedding after dating for two weeks. They can be a little possessive, but they present it in a lovely way. They want to talk about their feelings constantly and will probably bake you a cake for no reason.

Reality: They do believe in love at first sight, but they want to build trust with you before they dive too deep. They’re intuitive to their feelings, and to yours. They can sense if you’re having an off day and will try to make it better. They do talk about their feelings, but they do it in a way that is seeking to affirm the health of the relationship. They know communication is essential, and they know showing your partner how you feel is equally as necessary. They will love you deeply, and yes, they will probably still bake you a cake for no reason.


Expectation: They will care about your interests, but will care about their interests more. They will want to show you off constantly but will make sure you’re both looking your best when they do so. They will rarely want to stay at home because there is so much to DO.

Reality: They will be honest with you about their feelings. If they are dating you, it’s because they are all in. They think you’re amazing and will want everyone to know it. They will support you in your dreams and hope you return the favor. They will protect you with their life, and will always have your back. They will go above and beyond in their affection for you, simply because they believe you deserve it.


Expectation: They’ll be extremely cautious, and you’ll have to work forever to get them to open up. They’ll probably clean your room for you if they think you’re too messy. They will feel like your mom in some ways but in a good way. They care about you but show it mostly through sarcastic comments and subtle affirmations.

Reality: They will notice every detail about you, and take that into account when you’re together. They will take their time opening up, but they won’t continue dating you if they think it’s a waste of time. They are patient, but it’s worth it. They will encourage you to be better in your bad habits and praise you in your good ones. They will love you in a way you’re not used to, but it won’t lack in romance or dedication.


Expectation: They will always dress to the nines. There will be a lot of parties involved—either one you’ll be going to or ones they are hosting. They will rarely make a decision but will be so cute and sweet about it that you can’t see yourself getting mad. They’ll gush at any romantic gesture and will expect the relationship to be their version of a fairytale.

Reality: They will want to be involved in social gatherings, but they will also want their one-on-one time with you. They will balance their lives and schedules to make things work for both of you. They will show you what they are passionate about, and they won’t be afraid to fight for it. Your opinion will matter a great deal to them, but they need to know you have their back and care for their relationship more than you care about being right. They will make ordinary life seem like a fairytale, but only because their idealism is contagious.


Expectation: Sex. Some serious flirting and conversations about life, followed by more sex. Will get mad if they see you talking to anyone else, but will disappear for three days. They will make up for it with… more sex.

Reality: They will seem reserved at first, but will quickly want to dive in to knowing everything about you. They will show their intense side to you, but it won’t merely manifest in physical ways. They will show you their passions and fears and will bring new meaning to the term “passionate.” They will be stubborn and jealous at times, but only because they think the world of you and want to know you’re both invested equally in the relationship. (Yes, the sex will be amazing. You knew that already).


Expectation: You’ll rarely stay in one place, always traveling to new places together. They’ll be the life of the party without trying to be, so you’ll have to get used to it. They seem to take things super casually, and you’ll likely have a hard time getting them to open up about anything serious. The relationship will feel fun and easy, but not particularly serious.

Reality: They will make you laugh and brighten your day more than you can imagine. They are curious and explorative but have a way of making even ordinary things feel like an adventure. They are light-hearted, but they are full of deep and complex feelings that they will share with you once they feel more comfortable. They want your time and your adoration, but also want your respect, too. They will push you to think outside your comfort zone and will be your most significant support in chasing your passions, regardless of how crazy they seem.


Expectation: They will spend so much of their time working, they won’t have as much time to invest with you. They will make a ton of money and will mostly show their affection by buying you things and taking you out. They don’t express their emotions often and can come off a bit dry and closed off. They will respect you if you’re a hard worker, but you won’t be able to tell if they love you.

Reality: They will stand by your side through anything. They refuse to waste time and energy, so they only date people who they are very interested in. They will value a hard work ethic, but they know there is more to life than just that. They will show off their goofy and vulnerable side with you if they think they can trust you with it. They will take care of you in all the ways they know, and will encourage you when you need it most.


Expectation: They’ll be extremely distant for days, then suddenly be all over you. They will only want to talk about things that are quirky or weird and will get bored quickly otherwise. They will continuously assert their independence and will rarely let you get to know them, but will keep you intrigued just enough to keep you around.

Reality: They will need their freedom, but they will push for you to have yours, too. They will always come back to you, and they won’t leave you in the dark on what they need. They can seem hard to connect with, but if they genuinely care for you, then they will tell you so and they will tell you what they need from the relationship. They will push your buttons some but will respect your boundaries. They will allow themselves to be silly or vulnerable around you at times, but their sign of love stems from how much they communicate with you.


Expectation: They’ll be extremely emotional and sensitive constantly. They will idealize your whole relationship and will forget what reality is. They’ll probably write about 100 poems or songs about you but will never share them. They are a sucker for romance and would do anything to make you happy.

Reality: They are deeply caring and in touch with their emotions, but they use them to make the relationship the best place to be. They will listen intently to what is going on in your life and will do whatever they can to help you. They will want you to be part of their creative world and will push you to see your creative sides as well. They will try to surprise you and think outside of the box because they aren’t afraid to express themselves or go for grand romantic gestures. They will never leave you wondering if they love you, it will be obvious.

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