This Is You At Your Best Vs. You At Your Worst Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is You At Your Best Vs. You At Your Worst Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Best: You’re ready to take on the world around you with confidence and enthusiasm. You’re a compassionate leader who doesn’t hesitate to take the lead but is encouraging rather than demanding. You’re protective and loyal towards your loved ones, and you know how to get everyone excited about whatever new adventure is coming up.

Worst: You’re possessive and territorial, particularly with those you have your eye on. You are domineering and inconsiderate, believing you know best how to handle things, even if you don’t. You let your anger take the driver’s seat and you bulldoze over anything in your path with full force. You have a hard time following through on things because you’re easily bored and search more for the thrill than the actual moment.


Best: You are level-headed and don’t let anyone push you around. You are loyal to your loved ones on an unprecedented level- anytime they need someone, you’re there. You know the value of consistency and provide a stable environment for yourself and those around you. You understand the value of hard work, and you do any task assigned to you well.

Worst: You are closed off to anything new or unknown to you. You make snap judgments about people who don’t automatically fit into the framework of your life. You rarely trust people, and you make them feel inadequate because of it. You believe your way is not only the best, but the only way, and you refuse to compromise with anyone.


Best: You are witty and know how to engage everyone in the room in conversations. You don’t let conversations drag and you rarely run out of interesting things to discuss. You’re kind and understanding, willing to look at other people’s points of view rather than simply your own. You inspire others to follow their passion and provide a strong sense of encouragement to their lives that are hard to find elsewhere.

Worst: You’re indecisive in most aspects of your life. You are always afraid of missing out on something new, so you never commit to anything and push people away because of it. You’re always trying to prove that you know more than others, so you talk over them or interrupt them to speak your mind. You make promises that you don’t follow through on because you want to be liked, but you won’t give up another opportunity that seems more fun. You grow tired of people and relationships easily, so your connections with others are superficial at best.


Best: You’re compassionate and kind-hearted beyond measure. You make sure the people you care about know they are loved deeply, and they appreciate you for it. You remember the things others overlook, and you elevate others above yourself. You care for your own needs because you understand the importance of balance, but you’re still considerate and selfless through and through.

Worst: You worry that you’re not good enough for people, so you cling to them tightly in hopes they won’t leave. You allow your emotions to take the driver’s seat in your decisions, and often this leads you into trouble. You put everyone else’s needs above your own but feel resentful that no one does the same thing for you. You don’t talk about the things that bother you, so you let it all build up inside until you explode, causing friction in your relationships.


Best: You’re a dynamic force to be reckoned with. You are charming and entertaining and capable of garnering attention without trying to take away from others. You are supportive and encouraging to those around you, and you inspire them with your own sense of confidence. You have the backs of anyone who you’re close to, and you refuse to let them be taken advantage of in any situation. You’re fiercely loyal and passionate, showering your relationships with love and validation every step of the way.

Worst: You’re self-seeking and arrogant, believing no one can top you in any situation. You cut others down in order to make yourself look superior by comparison. You spend more time making things appear to be spectacular, rather than investing in anything of substance. You make your relationships one-sided, ensuring they will complement and validate you while you rarely return the favor. You keep relationships and friends at a distance because you always believe you can do better.


Best: You’re intelligent and organized throughout most aspects of your life. You are about the little details and you ensure that everything runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. You strive to be a better version of yourself every day, and you encourage others in your life to do the same. You are always a shoulder to lean on or a person to come to when you’re needed, and you value close relationships. You’re more open to trusting others and opening up because you know that vulnerability isn’t the same as weakness.

Worst: You expect perfection from yourself and those around you and become frustrated when that doesn’t happen. You’re picky and critical of others who don’t think or do things the way you do. You easily judge people without getting to know them, using it a defense mechanism to keep others from getting close to you. You prioritize logic over feelings to the extent that you never allow emotions to have any say in your life.


Best: You’re charming and tactful, and you have a way of bringing people together in ways others can’t. You’re patient and able to hear others viewpoints without demeaning them. You’re outgoing and positive, bringing a certain energy to any group you happen to part of. You care about others deeply and go out of your way to make sure things are calm so that everyone can have a good time.

Worst: You are so fixated on making sure everything on the outside is gorgeous and perfect that you neglect anything else. You don’t actually care if problems or issues are “fixed”, just as long as they look that way. You stir up drama just so you can “fix” it and look like a hero. You allow people to walk all over you, then grow resentful as they do despite that you won’t speak up for yourself.


Best: You’re intelligent and intriguing, able to draw people in and form connections. You’re passionate and alluring and have no trouble expressing affection to people. You are able to form strong, trusting, deep connections with your loved ones that allow you to be vulnerable. You are self-aware and intuitive, able to process your thoughts and emotions on your own that help you relate with and help others.

Worst: You’re manipulative and deceitful, only interested in relationships that satisfy your own desires. You lie easily and put up walls in order to keep others at a distance. You believe that being on your own is best because no one could possibly be good enough to be in your life. You’re untrusting and callous, refusing to see the potential good in anything or anyone.


Best: You’re hilarious and light-hearted and are able to see the best in just about anything. You’re easy-going and adventurous, willing to take on the day with an enthusiasm unrivaled by anyone. You see life as something to explore, and you long to take your loved ones with you so you can experience it together. You’re spontaneous and witty and are able to get along with just about anyone. You see the good in life and you are determined to live it to the fullest.

Worst: You’re reckless and inconsiderate and are mostly consumed with what you want. You are so afraid of missing out on new opportunities, you keep yourself detached and uncommitted, regardless of who you hurt. You’re dishonest and claim it’s to spare feelings when in reality you just don’t want to look like a bad person. You refuse to deal with the realities or responsibilities of day-to-day life, and only choose to live in your own fantasy world. You rely on others to bail you out of tough situations and don’t care how inconvenient it is for them.


Best: You’re strong in your work ethic and you know how to get things done. You set high goals, but you achieve them. You know how to balance your work-load with the rest of your life, and know-how to not neglect the people in your life who care for you. You understand the importance of tradition but know there is a time to compromise and a time to fight for your convictions. You’re loyal and always available to help when you’re needed.

Worst: You prioritize success above anything else. You neglect and ignore anything in your life that won’t contribute to your end goal. You view emotions as a weakness, and you only stick with cold, hard logic. You refuse to empathize with anyone because you want to be the top dog. You’re pessimistic and rude, setting your expectations low so you can avoid disappointment. You’re blunt and prideful, and you don’t care if you hurt feelings, believing everyone else is just too sensitive.


Best: You’re encouraging and interesting, opening up people’s eyes to new ways of seeing the world. You have a soft heart for social justice issues and you do your part in helping with whatever you can. You’re supportive and inspirational to your loved ones, pushing them to see themselves the way you do. You’re ingenuitive and clever, able to take your ideas and put them into action. You’re unconventional and confident, unafraid of being unapologetically yourself.

Worst: You see the world as a place full of terrible and hypocritical people, and you pass judgment on anyone around you who doesn’t agree with your strong convictions. You feel as if relationships only hold you back, so you keep yourself emotionally unavailable to people in your life. You refuse to ever do things in a traditional way, which leads you to be critical of anyone who does. You talk a big game on how others should be helpful when you rarely get out of your own head to do it yourself.


Best: You’re empathetic and intuitive, able to connect with people on an emotional level with ease. You’re relaxed and have a positive outlook on life. You don’t get stressed out by the small things, and you know how to be there for people when they need someone to talk to. You’re selfless and considerate, and you don’t simply tolerate other people’s needs, but you thrive in helping them. You think of others before yourself, though you don’t forget your own needs in the process.

Worst: You’re indecisive and confusing in your communication. You say one thing but then do another. You are drawn to people who make you feel needed, putting you in toxic situations often. You can be manipulative and conniving, with your ability to understand people on a different level than most. You know how to make a person vulnerable and you are capable of exploiting that knowledge to make yourself seem important. You are never certain if you’re making the right choice, so you rarely remain faithful or consistent in your relationships with others.

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