What Each Zodiac Wants (But Will Never Ask For) In A Relationship

What Each Zodiac Wants (But Will Never Ask For) In A Relationship

Aries: Someone to stick with them even when they’re harsh/blunt.

Aries are definitely a passionate and intense side to be around- they thoroughly enjoy living life and they want others to come along for the ride with them. They like to be the leaders and the ones calling the shots- even though they kind of like whenever someone challenges them and keeps them on their toes. Though the Aries can be a flirt and easily bored, once they set their eyes on someone they are interested in, they’ll pull out all the stops to get them- and they make for exciting, loyal, and intense partners. Yet even when all is going well in the relationship, deep down the Aries secretly wants to know that they won’t push their partner away when they are blunt or even harsh (which can be quite a bit of the time). Though they don’t mean to be, they know that they just want to call things like they see them, and though they won’t change for anyone out of stubbornness, they also don’t want to lose their partner, especially if they’ve grown very attached. They won’t ask this is of their partner though because this would cause them to reassess their own behavior, as well as make themselves of aware of just how much they’ve come to depend on their partner. They just continue to be themselves and hope for the best.

Taurus: Someone to fully appreciate and love them the same level they do for others.

Taurus people are known to dive deep into the beginning of relationships- they want to learn everything about you and are great at getting you to open up, even though they can be pretty reserved themselves initially. Though Taurus usually have a high set of standards for their partners, the thing they truly want is for someone to be just as invested and appreciative of them as they are to their partner. They won’t ever ask for it, though- if the relationship is overall a good one, and the partner provides them with a comfortable life, they won’t mind carrying more of the weight in the emotional department.

Gemini: Someone to love them even when they know all their terrible/dark habits.

Geminis are well known to be all over the place- they have a hard time expressing their thoughts and feelings or making decisions in their lives because they are afraid of missing out on something. When it comes to their relationships, they tend to be free-flowing and casual because they want to switch things up, until they fall for someone that is willing to keep things exciting with them. Yet something that Geminis crave that they don’t express often is the need to be totally understood and loved by their partner, even when they show the sides of themselves that are dark or undesirable. Though they won’t admit it, the thing they want most is just to know they can completely expose themselves and their partner will love them regardless.

Cancer: Someone to care for them in exactly the same way as they do.

Cancers are known to truly love being in love- and with such a big heart and sensitive spirit, it isn’t truly surprising. They usually fall in love very hard and very quickly, and already can see a future with someone once they feel a connection with them. They don’t take their relationships lightly, and when they find someone they’re compatible with they’re absolutely over the moon- yet something they honestly want is to know their partner feels the same way about them. They won’t express this out loud because they don’t want to come off as too clingy or overwhelming to their partner, and it’s also impossible to know exactly how someone feels. At the end of the day, they’ll still be happy as long as their partner is showing their affections and communicating with them, but deep down they really just want confirmation that both of them just as invested in each other, rather than it being one-sided.

Leo: Someone to truly validate that they’re as incredible as they believe they are.

Leos are confident and excitable- they know how to work a room and how to charm just about anyone they come across. They have big hearts and tend to try and paint their lives as incredibly interesting to anyone willing to listen. Though Leos don’t need anyone, they do manage to find people that they honestly want, and when that happens they’ll go above and beyond to capture their attention and their heart. When they enter into a relationship, they don’t take it lightly- a Leo choosing someone is a big deal, as they are always slightly worried about settling for the wrong person. Leos make sure their relationships are fun, supportive, and full of adoration, and have little trouble communicating their wants and need to their partner. Yet nonetheless, in their relationships, Leos have a strong desire to impress their partners and remind them how worthy they are, and even though they won’t ask for it they want their partners to affirm that worth. Relationships make anyone vulnerable, so when a Leo starts opening up to their partner, they want affirmation that their partner still believe them to be as amazing and incredible as the Leo believes themselves to be- though they won’t fish for these compliments because if you have to ask for them, it’s just not quite the same.

Virgo: Someone who understands all of your quirks/trust issues and still wants to be with you.

Virgos are definitely a guarded sort- they are extremely analytical and critical of themselves as well as those in their lives. They have a high set of expectations that they want to be met- and they won’t settle for anything less. It usually takes quite a while for a Virgo to let down their guard down and even think about opening up to someone, yet once they come across someone they believe could be the real deal, they’re willing to give things a chance. Sometimes it can feel like they’re planning their escape route in case things fall apart, but they’re still incredibly loving, loyal, and devoted partners once they’ve fallen in love. Yet even when things are going great in the relationship, a Virgo secretly wants to know that their partner understands their strange quirks and trust issues, and still wants to be with them regardless. Virgos know they aren’t always the easiest to be with, but they hope their partner wants to step up to the plate and truly earn their trust, not be ready to take off the moment the Virgo gets guarded. Nonetheless, they won’t say this to their partner, because they don’t want to come off as clingy or overly attached (a concept they cringe at the thought of) and as a result send their partner running.

Libra: Someone to love them without restraint or ulterior motive.

Libras are full of empathy and a desire to bring harmony into all of their relationships- platonic or romantic. They want the atmosphere surrounding their relationships to be peaceful and relaxing, almost like being at home. Though they can be flirtatious and want to enjoy the moment, once they find someone that they feel balances them out, they’ll hold on tight without thinking twice. A Libra doesn’t want love to be one-sided- they expect their partner to give just as much as they take, because otherwise the love isn’t honest, and it can cause tension. Yet even in the most harmonious of relationships, deep down the Libra wants to know that not only is the partner just as invested but that they are doing so without an ulterior motive or just to take advantage of them. Libras know that people can play games and try to manipulate each other, and though they can be receptive of this, they can have a tendency to overlook red flags if it means avoiding a conflict. A Libra won’t demand this from their partner, however, because they know it can come off as an accusation- which in turn could result in a conflict, something they would like to avoid at all costs.

Scorpio: Someone to truly be worthy of their trust.

Scorpios are mysterious and passionate and tend to be one of the more sought after signs in the zodiac realm. Though their sex appeal plays into this, it’s more than that- it’s the way they present themselves, the way they talk, the way they move. Scorpios are almost always enticing you to come closer to them while simultaneously pushing you away- and that paradox gives them quite a few options to choose from in the relationship department. Scorpios are still incredibly selective, and won’t settle for just anyone- they have to truly work to break down their walls and convince them they are trustworthy. Yet here is the kicker- even when a Scorpio has fallen in love and is hopelessly devoted, there is still a small part of them that doesn’t believe anyone is trustworthy (even themselves). So even in the best possible relationship, a Scorpio is always going to have the nagging thought in their heads that this person can’t be fully trusted- and deep down all they want is some sort of sign that proves their partner truly is worthy of their trust and vulnerability. However, they’ll never ask this from their partner because even if the partner makes all sorts of claims and does everything to try and prove their trustworthy, the Scorpio knows they’ll still be skeptical- so why even bother?

Sagittarius: Someone who isn’t afraid to explore with them/keep up with them.

Sagittarius’ are adventurous and playful- they don’t like to be tied down or held back by anyone. They tend to be flirty and optimistic- they like to have a good time and want their partners to enjoy themselves too. Though it takes a particular person to really make them want to enter a relationship, once they do they’re incredibly loyal and exciting partners to be with. Yet even in the most promising of relationships, deep down a Sagittarius wants to have a partner who can keep up and explore with them- not try to talk them out of things or hold them back. Though people can be flexible and willing to go with the flow, Sagittarius is a particular kind of restless- they constantly want to explore what is out in the world and see everything it has to offer. Yet they won’t truly ask this of their relationship- they know it can be difficult for people to see things the way they do unless they are exactly alike, and even then, they may not still have desires to explore the same things. Most times Sagittarius people tend to justify that they are better off alone, and will cut ties rather than compromise who they are- but that doesn’t mean they don’t long for an honest and fulfilling relationship.

Capricorn: Someone who honestly craves their help and advice as much as their compliments and romantic gestures.

Capricorns are known for being practical, cold, and pessimistic- but there is far more to them than those traits. They are incredibly hard workers who value success in all aspects of their lives- and when they fall for someone, their loyalty and protectiveness know no bounds. Capricorns place great value in helping others achieve their goals and dreams, and they have a soft spot for those that they end up falling in love with. Yet even if the relationship is going smoothly and successfully, deep down the Capricorn wants to know that their partner values their help and advice just as much as the romantic gestures and kind words they give. Capricorns don’t feel very in their element in being emotional, though that doesn’t mean they won’t try if it means a lot to their partner (and it usually does). Yet Capricorns truly do want to be there and support their partners when they need help or are going through a difficult time- they want to be the shoulder to lean on and they’re very good at it. They want to know their partner appreciates this aspect of themselves, though they won’t say this because they don’t want their partner to pretend to care for these things out of pity, and because to them, actions speak louder than words- so if their partner is truly dismissive of this aspect they possess, they’ll be able to tell sooner rather than later.

Aquarius: Someone to give them complete freedom and trust to come back again.

Aquarius’ are unconventional, adventurous, and logical- they value learning and growing in their lives, and are always challenging themselves to become better and more aware of themselves as well as the world around them. They tend to be drawn to social causes and find they feel an immense burden to do as much as they can to help- and being in a relationship tends to be viewed as something that will only take up their time. Yet when an Aquarius manages to stumble across someone who truly captures their eye and their heart, they’re more than willing to try and fit them into their lives and even show a little of their vulnerable side, in small doses. However, even if all the pieces fit perfectly, an Aquarius still has a strong need for personal space and freedom- and while they won’t compromise this for anyone, deep down they want to know that their partner whole-heartedly trusts them to be free and do their own thing, knowing they will stay true and always come back at the end of the day. Aquarius know that according to conventional standards, this is a lot to ask of people- especially given their nature of being emotionally detached and private. Often they won’t put their partners into this kind of position- they will simply assert their need for space and see how the cards unfold from there.

Pisces: Someone who is willing to set aside their bad habits/traits to be with you.

Pisces are known to be hopeless romantics- they’re sensitive, selfless, and full of optimism. They tend to fall quickly and without much hesitation- despite having experienced heartbreak in the past, they like to provide a clean slate for each new person they develop feelings for, and while this is inspiring, it can also lead to them being taken advantage of. Pisces truly just want to find the person to spend their life with, even if they try to say otherwise. When they do enter a relationship, they go above and beyond for their partners, truly trying to show how much they care and how valuable they can be as a partner- why they are truly worth sticking with. Yet even if the relationship seems to be going well and things are working out, deep down the Pisces wants to know that they are worth being with forever- even if that means someone changing their bad habits to do so. Pisces tend to attract a lot of partners who take advantage of, manipulate, or even abuse them because if how selfless and giving they are- and though the Pisces isn’t dumb and can see this, they still hold out hope that they will be worth their partner setting aside their toxic, terrible traits to truly be the ideal partner the Pisces has pictured inside their heads. They won’t ask this of their partner because they know it’s unfair to project their own ideas onto someone else, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t secretly hold that hope deep down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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