Ranking The Myers-Briggs Personality Types On Who Loves The Hardest And Leaves The Easiest

Ranking The Myers-Briggs Personality Types On Who Loves The Hardest And Leaves The Easiest


ENFJs are very all in right from the start when it comes to their relationships, consistently doing whatever they can to bond with their partner emotionally. Usually capable of picking up on someone’s emotional cues and needs without much effort, as well as holding an overwhelming capacity for empathy, they tend to be extremely nurturing and expressive in their love for their partner. Once they fall for a person, it will take nothing short of Armageddon to cause them to walk away.


Truthfully, ESFJs have a strong tendency to fall for those who need their help in some way, yet their love is still overwhelming and true nonetheless. They will take into account any and all of their partner’s needs and will bend over backwards to ensure they happen- without asking for anything in return. Even if they aren’t entirely happy or the relationship is unbalanced, they’ll stick things out nonetheless out of the love and true desire of making their loved one happy.


No one can doubt how deeply and intensely an INFP loves- they don’t know how not to. They tend to have high, idealistic expectations of the type of person they want to be with, but once they fall in love with someone (and not just the idea of them) then they are hopelessly devoted, and it will take something incredibly drastic to even have them consider walking away.


It may take a great deal of time for an INFJ to truly allow themselves to fall in love with someone else- after all, they tend to keep all their thoughts and emotions heavily guarded. Yet once they have torn down their walls and determined they can trust their partner, they will pour their heart and soul into the relationship- unashamedly expressing their love and devotion for them. Even if they must eventually leave the relationship, it will not happen easily- and likely they will still hold onto the old relationship for years after it’s ended.


Trust is a huge factor to an ISFJ, and it can take an exceptional amount of time for them to form it with a potential partner- yet once they’ve determined they can indeed trust and form a relationship with them, the ISFJ is in it for the long haul. They love selflessly and consistently, never allowing their partner to wonder if they are cared for, and they make it clear in their consistency that they aren’t going anywhere.


though appearing to be closed off and extremely guarded emotionally, INTJs are capable of incredible depth in terms of their love for their partner- to a point that tends to surprise others, including those they enter into relationships with. INTJs may not fall in love easily, but once they do, they are completely and undyingly committed to the relationship- and it will take nothing short of dishonesty or unfaithfulness to cause them to walk away.


ESTJs may not be the most traditionally romantic partners, this doesn’t mean that they are incapable of showing a deep sense of love and appreciation to their partners. They aren’t ones to date around just for the sake of it- they only enter into commitments if they intend to stick around and that they see a future with. They are incredibly loyal and protective partners and tend to stick around for the long haul once they’ve fallen for someone unless they are given absolutely no other option.

8. ISTJ 

ISTJs definitely aren’t ones to play games when it comes to their relationships- once they’ve found a suitable partner and enter a relationship, they will work incredibly hard to maintain that relationship permanently. Though the way they express love tends to lean more in a practical fashion, often doing everything they can to provide for their partner and family, there is no doubt that their love runs strong, and likely won’t leave unless it’s the only choice they are given.


loves with every single fiber of their being and will be loyal and committed to the person they love. While they tend to be guarded with their emotions to an extent, they also aren’t afraid to express their feelings once they’ve become comfortable around the person they’ve fallen for. Yet there is always the possibility that they will want to chase another opportunity calling them from the horizon- and while their first instinct will be to try and bring their loved one along, an ENFP will find themselves leaving if they feel the relationship is holding them back from exploring and discovering new things, despite that ending the relationship might not be easy.

10. ISFP

ISFPs tend to find comfort and peace in the idea of being alone- mostly due to the belief that no one will ever truly understand them deep down, which is the only way they would ever allow themselves to completely fall in love with someone. Though their feelings for people tend to show up constantly, they remain heavily guarded and rarely express this, until they’ve entered into a relationship with someone they believe they can trust. They may not fall easily, but fall hard when they do, and will express that to their partner artistically. They will certainly stand by their partner, but if they begin to feel they can no longer trust them, or that they don’t care for them in the same way, the ISFP won’t have much trouble throwing up their walls once again, doing what they must to protect themselves.

11. ESFP

on the surface, ESFPs may seem as though they never fully love just one person- which isn’t true at all. If an ESFP finds a partner that they’ve fallen for completely, they will love and cherish them without any hesitation whatsoever. The only contingency is that their partner doesn’t hold them back from spending time around others, or cutting them off from their social circle. If their partner tries to isolate them or try to become the sole center of their world, the ESFP will have little trouble easily justifying to themselves to leave the relationship, and they won’t look back.

12. ENTP

when it comes to expressing their love, ENTPs know exactly what to say and have dozens of ideas of how to show it. They truly connect in mental stimulation, and can easily find themselves falling for someone who can provide that- along with support, independence, and a desire to grow. It’s not difficult for an ENTP to love in a big way, yet they can just as easily detach from a partner if they begin having too many doubts about the relationship- they refuse to be part of anything that will stifle them in the long run.

13. ENTJ

ENTJs are extremely goal oriented and driven- they focus on their futures and don’t mess around when it comes to relationships. Though they have incredibly high standards and expect their partner to be on the same page as they are, once they fall for a person, they express a much softer side often hidden from the rest of the world- and their partner will have no reason to doubt whether they are loved and cared for. Once the ENTJ makes a commitment, they stick to it- yet they aren’t afraid to walk away if they feel the relationship is moving in opposite directions, or that their partner might be dishonest with them- in which case they will cut off the relationship and won’t regret their decision.

14. ESTP

ESTPs live very fast-paced lives, and tend to express their love through shared experiences and adventures with someone. It takes someone incredibly captivating to catch their eye and have them consider a serious commitment, yet when they fall for someone, they tend to love in a big way. They will be incredibly devoted on a day-to-day basis and their partner will absolutely know they are loved and cares for, yet the ESTP can find themselves detaching and ready to leave if the relationship begins to interfere with their exploration or encroach on their independence too strongly.

15. INTP

INTPs approach love with hesitation and a strong sense of intrigue- they are used to keeping to themselves majority of the time and find a great sense of comfort in being by themselves. If they do find manage to find someone who they end up falling for, their love will be expressed best in the way they observe and learn everything there is to know about the person, and trying to understand them deeply. However, independence and growth is exceptionally important to them, and if they feel these things are not being respected, they will find themselves drifting from the relationship, and it won’t take much to convince them that leaving is the better alternative than sticking around.

16. ISTP

ISTPs are capable of loving in an incredible way, but have a hard time expressing it well- and even sometimes have a hard time understanding it in the first place. ISTPs may feel tremendously committed on a day-to-day basis, yet could wake up one day and be uncertain exactly how they feel. At the end of the day, despite the love they may feel for a person, if the relationship becomes more work or frustration than they anticipated, it won’t take much for them to find a reason to walk away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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