This Is Why They Will Never Forget You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

This Is Why They Will Never Forget You, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type


Your ability to encourage in any situation. You have always been one to see the best in the worst situations, and when it comes to people, there is no exception. Anyone who comes into contact with you will never be able to forget how supportive and encouraging you were, and how you always had that ability to make even the darkest moments seem so incredibly bright and full of hope.


Your ability to know someone in depth almost instantly. You are a person always full of feelings and emotional depth, and it never goes unnoticed. After spending even the shortest amount of time with you, people have this insane ability of feeling completely understood, even in their innermost thoughts and feelings. No one will ever be able to forget it, even if they tried.


Your intelligent wit. You’re more than someone who has clever jokes; You have an ability to spark a debate that reveals your intelligence and your wit all in one, and anyone who has any type of interaction with you is never going to be able to forget that curious spark you’ve managed to ignite with just one conversation.


Your creative and soulful personality. You’re difficult to get to know well, though that doesn’t stop you from being expressive. You’re always hoping someone will take the time to dig deep and see you for who you are, and in return, you aren’t afraid to show the people you care about the side of you that is creative and complex. Once someone is able to witness that aspect of you, it’s burned into their memory forever, because honestly, it’s hard to find someone like you.


Your constant concern with meeting their needs. You aren’t one to let the people you love go without anything, not if you have a say in it. Anyone who has ever known you have always realized that you would go above and beyond to make sure that anything they needed was taken care of, and that isn’t something anyone will be able to forget long after you’re gone.


Your ability to have in-depth conversations. Your mind is an interesting place to explore- nothing about your thoughts are shallow. Anyone who has ever had a conversation with you has learned this fairly quick, and even after they walk away, they can’t get you out of their head. Even if they aren’t on the same intellectual level as you, they can’t help but wonder your thoughts on the next complex thing, which makes you impossible to forget.


Your spontaneous eagerness. No two days are hardly the same when anyone is with you. You know how to make each day even better than the last, and your ability to go all out in each adventure is something people have a hard time forgetting- which is fine by you because you don’t want them to.


Your unwavering support- when it comes to the people you care about, you are nothing if not supportive, in every way possible. Whether they need tangible or emotional help, you are always prepared to do whatever you can, and people have a hard time forgetting the kind of support you provided them in whatever they strived to do.


Your protective streak. When it comes to anyone you care for, you will go out of your way to protect them at all costs. Regardless of the situation, you are not one to forsake the people who are important to you- and anyone who has ever experienced that side of you has a difficult time forgetting about it.


Your loyalty. In a world full of change, you’re someone who still sees the value in dedication, loyalty, and tradition. You know once you’ve committed to anyone, you’re sticking around for the long haul, and even if someone decides to walk away from you, no one can forget how you were always unshakably loyal and devoted even in the most difficult of times.


Your non-judgmental nature. You’re always a person people feel they can trust, even with their darkest secrets. You are a person who will take those secrets to heart, and love them anyways with an acceptance that is hard to find. People can never forget how open you are, and how willing you are to love and care for them despite their dark sides.


Your empathy. You have an innate ability to understand multiple sides of any situation, and that kind of insight isn’t easily forgotten. You have a way of making people feel understood no matter what they’ve done or who they are- and looking back, they’ll have a difficult time recalling anyone else you understood them they way you did.


Your adventurous and outgoing nature. You’re known for being straightforward and going with the flow, and nothing about you is ever described as ordinary. Anyone who manages to keep up with you is opened up to an entire world of new experiences, and it makes you someone that their mind comes back to again and again.


Your ability to live in the moment. It can be hard to really get to know you, but one thing is for sure- you know how to make the most out of each moment. You are candid and ready to take on the next opportunity ahead of you, making each second feel like the only one that matters, and anyone who has ever been lucky enough to join you can’t erase those memories even if they tried.


Your dominance. You always know exactly what you want, and you’ll do whatever it takes to get it. There is no exception when it comes to people, and those who have ever found themselves in your sights have a hard time forgetting you and how dominant you can be when it comes to going after what you want. Despite their best attempts, anyone who has ever found themselves in your crosshairs has an impossible time forgetting about you.


Your intelligence and complexity. Nothing about you has ever come across as conventional, and anyone who has spent any amount of significant time with you is well aware of it. You have a way of seeing the world that tends to challenge the way others think- and as much as they try to shake it, no one can ignore the way you showed them other sides to the things they always believed or thought. You have a way of flipping people on their heads, and that kind of experience is impossible to forget. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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