This Is (Probably) Why They Dumped You, Based On Their Myers-Briggs Personality Type

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They told you about their dream of chasing their passions until the day they die, even if it meant scraping by for a while or taking a pretty big risk to achieve it- and rather than supporting them or helping them brainstorm how to get there, you suggested they abandon the idea altogether and should go a more “traditional” route- and it didn’t take long for them to see this wasn’t going to go anywhere.


You both got into a discussion involving a situation that to you seemed very black and white, but to them had so many different angles to be discussed. You couldn’t understand why they would even be willing to entertain the opposing side’s beliefs and told them they were being unreasonable and unnecessary. They quickly realized they couldn’t be with someone so narrow-minded, so they walked away.


You kept yourself closed off, never willing to share your feelings with them. While some people can be more introverted and private, they needed that validation to feel like they are valued in the relationship- and when they stopped feeling like they were needed, they ended up leaving.


You never made them feel like they could fully trust you. They tried to open up and express themselves emotionally to see if you could handle it, and instead of providing a place of security that they could feel at home in, you were hesitant and unsteady, causing them to second guess whether they could really invest themselves emotionally with you.


They constantly suggested trying to do new things- exploring different ideas, discussing new theories, meeting new people- and you shot them down every single time. When it came down to it, they were honestly bored and felt stifled in the relationship.


You lied to them about something extremely important because you thought telling the truth would cause a major conflict, when in reality you could’ve worked through it and talked it out. However, the moment you lied you broke their trust- and there is no going back now.


You were jealous of the amount of people they spent time with, and rather than talking about how you felt or even becoming part of the circle yourself to get to know them better, you presented them an ultimatum- you or their social circle. It wasn’t much of a choice for them.


They trusted you with something they were sensitive about, and rather than being considerate and kind, you turned it into insensitive jokes. When they tried to express to how hurt they were, you brushed it aside and told them they were “too sensitive” and needed to deal with it. After one too many times, they couldn’t stand to stay with someone who couldn’t set aside their arrogance.


You never made them feel like you were committed long-term. Even though you may have been in a relationship, you never wanted to show it or do anything that would indicate you were going to be around for a long time- whether it was meeting each other’s families and friends, planning a trip together in advance, or even discussing your potential future together. Once they realized they couldn’t feel secure with you, they felt no choice but to break things off.


They finally let you in and tried to express their true selves, and your response was less than enthusiastic or reassuring. Rather than taking time to try and understand and appreciate them as a person, you kept noticing and emphasizing their flaws or things you didn’t like- and they felt unable to to truly be themselves with you, which was a deal-breaker.


You told them you would be there for them, but constantly cancelled or backed out at the last minute for other things. While they were understanding for awhile, they eventually felt like they couldn’t rely on you when they needed you most, so they walked away.


They tried to get you you to try something different- exploring new places, taking on new adventures, but you preferred to stay inside and never wanted to go anywhere. While there is nothing wrong with having a night in every once in awhile, there was never any give and take between your interests.


You were very insecure in the relationship- and they weren’t sure how to deal with it. While they tried to express their love for you in other ways, but you didn’t take notice unless they were saying it constantly- and eventually it drove them away.


During your relationship, you ended up in a situation that put you two at odds with your moral beliefs- and it turns out your moral compasses fell in different ways. Once they realized that your foundations were too different to find much common ground, they had a hard time seeing the relationship go any further.


They were always ready to grow and learn about something new- and they picked up quickly that you were not. Every time they tried to talk to you about a new theory they had learned or and idea they had, you seemed completely disinterested and probably even bored. After awhile they felt they had nothing to really talk with you about- so they felt the need to break things off.


You betrayed them in a moment of weakness. Maybe it was revealing one of their secrets, manipulating them, or even having an affair with another person- one way or another you double crossed them and there was no way you could earn their trust again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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