This Is How You Love Yourself


Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Come on, do it. Take yourself in because my god there is no one else in the world quite like you. No one else who has your eyes and your laugh, your scars and birthmarks, indentions and bruises, your stories scattered across your skin. There is no one else in all of history who looks exactly like you or who ever will. You think you’re too much or not enough, and you want to change as much as you can.

Please know you’re not a bad person for wanting to change things, but don’t sell yourself so short. Please know that people will love you, people already do love you, exactly as you are.

Take a look at your mind. Your perspectives on the world are just as valuable as anyone else’s. Your opinions and the way you think about things and see them in your own way are crucial in this world. The world doesn’t need just one thinking pattern. The people in your life don’t need only one point of view, but they need yours too even if it challenges them. Because how do we ever grow if we aren’t pushed to rise to the occasion? Your voice and the way you take in this life you’re living needs to be heard, so why do you quiet yourself? Why are you so afraid?

Take a look at your heart.

Regardless of if you are full of all types of compassion and you think your it might burst, or you are more reserved with how it works, it’s beautiful.

We all have hearts and they all beat and thrive in their own ways. They way you choose to love and express love is important. Whether you are someone who is able to understand and value other’s feelings and encourage them, or if you’re able to press through and make necessary decisions in the midst of hard situations, you’re necessary. You’re not too overwhelming and you’re not cold-hearted, because those labels are simply words attempting to define someone so undefinable as you.

So why do you try to restrain your heart, or wring it dry to squeeze out something more?

Take a moment to understand that not everyone is meant to love you, and that’s perfectly okay. You are not a one size fits all option meant for hundreds of grasping hands searching for a quick fix. You weren’t meant to stretch yourself thin to meet everyone’s standards, skating on thin ice. You were meant to love and be loved, by people who recognize your worth, not someone trying to create it.

And until that time comes, learn to love yourself first. You must do this, and you must do this without hesitancy or doubt. Because how can anyone else ever see you are worth it if you keep telling them you’re not? How can anyone love you if you tell them you aren’t worth loving?

They can’t. So please, love yourself.

Love every single part and every single fabric that’s woven you together.

One day, you’ll find someone who will step up and love you exactly as you are.

But today, right now, begin by loving yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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