When You Feel Stuck In Life, Just Keep Going

Maybe you’ve been struggling with your self-worth lately. You haven’t quite been feeling yourself. You feel unsettled. Unsettled in life. Like you’re not where you’re supposed to be. Recognize that this isn’t a setback, but just a normal part of life.

It may be a period of growing for you. We must go through periods of being uncomfortable to end up where we need to be. Sometimes these periods are really difficult, but you must allow yourself to work through them like anything in life.

Think about all the mountains you’ve climbed. All the challenges you’ve faced. All the people you proved wrong. You being the biggest one of all. You will always be your own biggest critic. But there are so many people rooting for you behind closed doors.

When you feel unsure of where you’re going with life, just keep going. That is the biggest takeaway of them all. Some of our hardest times are the ones that show our true colors. It is during these times where we sometimes discover where we need to be.

If you’re unhappy with your situation, look at what you can change. Do you want a new job? If you no longer feel fulfilled, maybe it is time to start looking. If we don’t look at what we can change, we are stuck.

We sometimes outgrow things we love. This is true for our living situations, work, and relationships. The most wonderful part about life is that our circumstances are ever changing. If you feel stuck, move. We have the ability to make our lives better or worse. It is up to you to make a change.

There are also times where we have no idea what we want or what is best for us. We just have to hold out hope that things fall into place. I didn’t always believe this, but things work out how they are meant to be. Sometimes things we don’t expect make us happier than we can imagine. If you feel stuck, just have faith that you will end up where you need to be.

So for the person struggling, keep going. Sometimes the nights are bad, but the mornings are better. Keep on. And remember, you are worth fighting for. Life is worth fighting for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Chicago born and raised. Stay strong but sweet.

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