If They Come Back, Walk Away

If They Come Back, Walk Away

Sometimes we lose the love of our life. And our world breaks. We lose hope. We become depressed. We lose a sense of ourselves. We lose hope and dreams of the future. And worst of all, we have to start over.

We’re left picking up the pieces of our lives. The ones they left behind. We wonder what we did wrong. Why we weren’t enough for that person.

We force ourselves to begin again. To become whole again. It’s not an easy endeavor. But we always persist.

But what happens when the one you love comes back? It usually happens the very moment you move on. The moment you forget about them. It’s like the moment you decide to be happy, they know. And they want a second chance.

Maybe they want to go back like nothing ever happened. They don’t acknowledge the pain they caused. They don’t acknowledge the absence. They don’t apologize for those sleepless nights. The tear-stained pillows. They don’t apologize for the mornings you woke up with a pit in your stomach. Just praying that the day would go by quick.

If they come back, ask yourself why? Why did they leave? Why did they hurt you? Why did they put you through this? And if you can’t answer that, well that’s an answer in itself.

Can you really subject yourself to their heartache again? Because someone who didn’t want you the first time, probably won’t the second time either. You’re setting yourself up to be hurt. Again.

Insanity is doing the same thing multiple times and expecting different results. You know better. And going through heartache once is more then enough.

So when they come back, smile and go on your way. Wish them well, but not with you. Move on and be happy.

If they come back, they were never fully there at all. You can never ever have their full trust. Your heart will always wonder. You will forever second-guess yourself, and them. Constantly wondering when they will leave again. You cannot subject yourself to that pain anymore.

If they come back, turn your back and walk away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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