I’m Slowly Learning To Trust What My Heart Tells Me Is True

I’m Slowly Learning To Trust What My Heart Tells Me Is True

Trust yourself. Know yourself. That’s what they tell you. The heart wants what it wants. But as you get older and wiser, you learn the difference between right and wrong. You learn to differentiate between wants and needs. You learn to tell the subtle difference in someone’s behavior who wants you and someone who actually loves you. You grow. And you learn.

I’m slowly learning to trust what my heart tells me is true. It didn’t happen overnight. Actually, it’s taken a really long time. It’s taken a lot of the wrong people, heartbreaks, tears, and hurt feelings. It’s taken me developing a thick skin. I won’t accept your half-love. Because as I’ve grown and learned, I’ve developed self-respect.

If you want to leave me in the cold, that’s fine. I won’t wait for you. I won’t sit around as someone makes me look stupid and makes me question my value. If I start to feel it in my gut that you don’t want me, I will leave. I will leave before I am left. I have become cold to indifference. Cold to indecisiveness. I’m too old for games.

Take me or leave me. You’re all in or you’re not. I’m slowly learning that I can dictate how you treat me. If you don’t treat me how I should be treated, then I will leave.

We may have been taught that relationships need to be difficult, but actually they shouldn’t be. The real ones don’t have to be. Your heart will know. You will too.

I’ve been deceived before. Sometimes I think I have it right, just to land flat on my face. And that’s okay. The world spins on. What’s meant to be will be, and those that don’t deserve you will flee. It’s okay to be wrong. It’s okay to take your time in love and life.

Follow your heart, but don’t ignore your head. Trust your instinct and your heart above all else. They have the answers.

I’m slowly learning to trust my heart. Some days it is so full, it could burst. I have nothing but love to give. Some days it deflates like a balloon. It feels pain and hurt like no other. Its capacity is so great. It has so much to give. At the end of the day, my heart won’t deceive me. It’s okay to leave situations that aren’t right for you. You will find a way. Your heart will lead you there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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