6 Subtle Signs That They’re Not As Into You As You Think

Sometimes we want what we can’t have. Sometimes we settle for “halves.” Half-something. Half-hearted. Only halfway there. But relationships shouldn’t be that way. Especially in the early stages. If these signs apply to you, he may just be “not that into you.”

1. You make all the plans.

Okay, not all guys are good planners. But has he ever planned a date for you? Or is it just Netflix and chill if it’s up to him? If you’re making all the plans, setting all the reservations, maybe he’s not as into you as you think.

2. He hardly texts you.

He only texts you when he wants something. He doesn’t ask you how your day is. If he does, it’s because he feels forced. Face it, most of the time you’re the one texting him. If you weren’t initiating every conversation, would you guys even be chatting?

3. He’s secretive.

He’s uber elusive. Maybe he hides his phone around you, or maybe he’s always on it. Either way, he may have something to hide. A little mystery is okay, but if he continues being Mr. Mysterious, it may be time to run.

4. His friends don’t know you exist.

He never brings you out with his friends. Or maybe if he does, he hides the fact that you’re together or dating. You’re way better than being a secret girlfriend, you deserve better.

5. He shows disinterest.

Any interest is something, right? No. Does he care about you as a person? Does he legitimately care about what matters to you? If your gut says no, he probably doesn’t.

6. He ignores you sometimes.

He’s hot and cold. Some days he ignores you completely. He might chalk it up to a busy day at work, or he may not even give an explanation. One day he ignores you, the next he’s all about you. This isn’t a Katy Perry song. We don’t need someone who plays us hot and cold.

If you think, maybe he’s not that into me.. he’s probably not. If you find that you’re second guessing yourself, it’s probably not worth it. Who needs mind games? You don’t, girl. If these signs apply to your “guy,” it may be best to move on. Now! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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