What It Means To Love A Girl Who Identifies As A ‘Super Single’

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If you love a girl who identifies as a ‘super single,’ just know that she loves and appreciates you. A girl who identifies as such does not let people in her life on accident. If you remain a constant, you mean something. A girl who identifies as ‘super single’ does not easily let people in, and if she does, do everything you can to keep her. A girl who identifies as such

1. She loves her life.

Girls who remain single for long periods of time have had time to focus on themselves. They love their life and won’t allow anyone in it unless they positively add something to it. You must add to her life, and not cause unnecessary stress or drama. She won’t put up with that.

2. She doesn’t need you.

A girl who has been single for a while does not need anyone else to complete her. She has been fine on her own. If she has to, she will be again. Just remember that she doesn’t need you. She is not a needy, clingy girl, and has no aspirations to be such.

3. She likes alone time.

After being alone for so long, it is something that she craves. Don’t be alarmed if she sometimes opts for a night in by herself. Space is healthy. It is what she knows, and has become accustomed to it. Allow time apart to appreciate the time together.

4. She’s independent.

She is fiercely independent and likes it that way. She is used to being on her own, spending her own money, and living life on her own time. Don’t mistake her independence for not needing you. Although independent, she would love someone to bring out the best of her.

5. She was fine without you.

Know that she was fine without you, and can easily be again. You need to love and cherish her, or she will go back to what she knows best.

Girls who identify as a ‘super single,’ are happy in their own skin. They have taken necessary time alone to discover themselves. They may have been badly hurt from a relationship before, and being single has been the best thing for them. It has allowed them to know exactly what they want, expect, and what they will not tolerate. A girl who is ‘super single’ will always have her own life. She may act like she doesn’t need you, and that’s because she doesn’t.

Super single girls may come off as intimidating. They are comfortable with who they are. They may have come off a lot of hurt, which has allowed them to grow. They are fiercely outspoken, independent, and loving. They value their relationships with friends and family. They may be picky when it comes to relationships, but they are okay with that. They do not believe in wasting time and will cut people off without a problem.

A girl who identifies as a ‘super single’ may take time to get to know. She may not come as easily as you would like. She likes the person she has become, and is in no rush to settle down. She believes that things happen for a reason, and that fate plays a large part in her life. Loving a girl who identifies as a ‘super single’ isn’t complicated, you just must respect and love her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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