You Don’t Deserve Someone Who Changes Their Mind, You Deserve Someone Steady

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I’ve noticed a pattern in the modern dating world. Time and time again, same situation. You meet someone, you set your expectations low. Things seem to be progressing, going well. You keep your guard up because, well you’ve been through this before. And just before it’s started, it’s over.

You go from texting, snapchatting, hanging out, having fun, to less and less. You can feel it in your heart. You see it coming. You know what’s going to happen. But it hurts nonetheless. But it’s a pattern. It’s happened once, and it will happen again. Welcome to dating in 2017.

The truth is you know the signs. And you prepare yourself for them. But even so, it still sucks. Sometimes they come back too. Most of the time. But do you really want someone who doesn’t know what he or she wants?

You don’t deserve someone who changes their mind, you deserve someone steady.

You don’t need someone who’s always looking for the best option. You don’t need someone not ready to settle down. It’s okay to play it cool and have fun, but you don’t need games. Unless that’s what you want, and trust me, you don’t.

So forget about that person who left you hanging. The one who keeps trying to creep back into your life. If it started off like this, it’s unlikely to change for the better. You deserve better. You deserve someone who isn’t going to act like a child.

You deserve someone who puts in time. Someone who wants to see you. Who not only texts you, but CALLS you. More importantly, someone who makes plans. And keeps them. Someone who actually gives a damn. Because who has time for games?

You deserve someone real. And maybe you have given up hope. But don’t. Someone real will come, and make you thankful for everything you went through to get there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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