Thank You God, For Not Giving Me What I Wanted

Keghan Crossland

Thank you God for not giving me what I wanted. For not giving me what I thought I deserved. I realize now that there is a reason for every part of my life. I realize that sometimes not getting what you want is the best thing you can ask for.

Sometimes there’s so much more out there for us then what we desire.

Then what we think we deserve. So the next time I get down, I need to remind myself. I will talk to God. And acknowledge all that I have. Because when I look back on life, often times not getting what I wanted was a wonderful stroke of luck.

Sometimes we get stuck in false illusions.

In hoping we can change a situation. Often times we need to follow our guts. Some people change and situations can get better, but for the most part we need to learn to say goodbye. We need to learn to let go. Letting go is an art. It takes practice. But letting go can be beautiful.

Goodbye and change is scary. That’s why we resist it.

But I’ve learned that every goodbye, while tough in the moment, has lead me to better things. Looking back now, I wouldn’t change a thing. Taking a leap of courage is hard. But what’s the worst that can happen with change? You can always change your situation. You have complete power and control over your life.

So get out there. Make that change. And talk to God.

Because even if you feel like he’s not there, he is. You have a purpose. Even if it’s hard sometimes to see it. Don’t forget that. TC mark

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