Stay Single Until You Meet A Love Truly Worth Finding

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Stay single until you meet someone you don’t have to question. Stay single until you are content with not just someone else, but yourself too. Don’t get into a relationship for the sake of it. Don’t feel pressure just because everyone else is attached.

Live your life. Go out, have fun. There’s no use being in a relationship that is unfulfilling.

So go on dates, play it cool, be yourself. Don’t rush into anything. The best relationships aren’t the ones we push on other people.

Be with someone who makes you feel worthy. Be with someone who gets you excited. Someone who is just as excited to be with you. Because if they’re not, what’s the point?

Don’t settle. You can’t afford to settle.

Some people get locked out and settle with someone who isn’t right for them at a young age, you don’t have to.  Stay single until you find the perfect man.

Be with someone who makes every day exciting. Be with someone who makes you excited to wake up. Be with someone who makes the simple things great. Trust the timing of your life.

Stay single. You get to do what you want, you make the rules. You have a right to be picky and wait until you find THE ONE.

As we get older, we get to know ourselves better. We know who and what we want.  That’s the advantage of staying single. We have less patience for bullshit. And when you do find them, you’ll know.

You’ll know because you’ll find a man who doesn’t make you question every message or interaction. You’ll know by the way he looks at you.

Stay single until you find the one who doesn’t play games. Stay single until you find someone who doesn’t make you cry.

Find someone amazing.

Find someone who gets you.

Find someone who knows what you’re thinking without you even saying it.

Find someone who makes all your heartbreaks worth it.

So stop rushing yourself.

Breathe. Be with someone who is worthy of you. It might take some time, but all great things do. And you deserve it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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