What You Should Know About The Sagittarius: The Optimistic, Amorous Truth-Seeker Of The Zodiac

What You Should Know About The Sagittarius: The Optimistic, Amorous Truth-Seeker Of The Zodiac

November 22 – December 21

A Sagittarius thrives off experience and is constantly on the hunt for the highest truth. Ruled by the archer, the centaur: a mythical creature that is half-human, half-horse. This symbolization represents a truth-seeking soul with animal-like instincts. Always dreaming of brighter days and galloping off to greener pastures where their hooves can run free. This optimistic, hedonistic, fiery enigma can be hard to pin down. Know that passion, curiosity, and truth are the driving forces behind their intensity.

The Optimist

A Sagittarius lives by the notion of endless possibility and is on a constant quest for wisdom.

A striking, independent spirit that encourages and inspires others to be the best version of themselves. Authentic as can be, with high hopes that point toward high ideals. Those who enter their orbit find themselves questioning their own perspective. A Sagittarius is drawn to the exotic and undiscovered. They value those who can expand their mind. In order to keep a Sagittarius engaged, one must accept their complexity, teach, inquire, explore, create, and have an open mind.

Impossible is not a word in this dreamer’s dictionary.

The keyword to understanding their soul is possibility. They know what it is, but they want you to think of what could be. Idealistic and open to all experiences that broaden their horizons.

Jovial, giving, and completely free of malice.

The selfless nurturer who is willing to lend a helping hand if it brightens or makes another’s life easier. The one who will let you crash at their place while you apartment hunt, refer you to a job, or watch your animals when you have to run out of town. No strings attached. Karma always reciprocates.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, good fortune, and optimism. The stars are aligned with their soul. Luck seems to follow them around. How are they always in the right place at the right time? However, luck is simply the sidekick. Passion, intuition, persistence, truth, hard work, and dedication all lead a Sagittarius to success. After all, they put themselves in the situations they want to be found in.

Crisis brings out their best.

Most are considered irresponsible and reckless, yet a Sagittarius will conquer any setback with strength, grace, and responsibility. They know how to weather their own storm – dancing in the eye of their hurricane.

The Amorous Hedonist

The tantalizer that attracts most from afar.

Like all fire signs, passion and adventure control their desire. The archer tends to make the first move because it is rare another’s soul feels entwined with theirs. Unattainable unless intrigued. If you lock eyes and hold their gaze, you may find yourself walking around in a dreamlike haze. The archer’s arrow strikes again. Those who fall for a Sagittarius are mesmerized by wit, flirtatious behavior, enthusiasm, and humor. The hunt will not end until a Sagittarius gets what they want or until they are over the chase.

The perfect playmate of the zodiac.

A Sagittarius will play the game as long as they find the game worth playing. Enigmas ignite their soul, and they love a good run for their money. A brain more complex than theirs? Intrigued. Challenge accepted. Defeat a Sagittarius and they might come back for another round. Finally, someone that can keep them on their toes.

Sagittarius is most vibrant when romance is hot and heavy.

The hedonist radiates when in love. Endearment beams on their face. Romantic interests find themselves lost in their spontaneity and complexity. Alas, a soul that aims to make others wildest dreams come true. Nothing enthralls a Sagittarius more than romance and danger. As independent and freedom-loving as they are, a Sagittarius is extremely loyal and a delightful companion one would be lucky to find. They will always aim to keep the spark alive once you ignite it.

The Fiery Truth-Seeker

The one who keeps it real.

Those who are a Sagittarius are often told to put their foot in their mouth. Genuine people are rare, and their principles are in tune with the honesty of other’s intentions. Sharp-tongued and tactless at times, a Sagittarius blurts out what everyone else is thinking but dare not say. This quality is a double-edged sword, as most do not want the truth served with their eggs for breakfast. If you ask what is on their mind, trust you will get a straightforward answer.

A Sagittarius moves on quickly.

No time to harp on the past. Flakiness and dishonesty can be sensed from miles away. Be upfront with your intentions. Nothing turns a Sagittarius off more than indifference or shady behavior. Don’t know what you want? Most don’t, but don’t waste their time. A Sagittarius will not wait around while another figures out their indecisive thoughts. As they treat those dearest to them as high priority, they will not stand for simply being an option.

Do not box a Sagittarius in.

This free spirit is non-traditional and cannot stand domesticity or being put through an emotional wringer. They play by their own rulebook. Nothing turns them off more than feeling constrained, diluted, or censored. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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