There Are More Important Things Than Boys Who Don’t Text Back

Christian Acosta

This world has so much to offer.

Such a small sentence for such a large idea. This world though, really, it’s so incredible. So full of beauty, of tragedy, of unexpected wonders. There are quiet dirt roads to be driven down, hiking paths to discover. Oceans to swim in, creatures to marvel at. Vacations to be had, delicacies to be eaten. Rowdy groups of drunken friends singing too loudly to laugh with, to find joy with. Elderly couples walking hand and hand to admire. Families to appreciate.

But right now, none of that is on your mind. Right now, there’s a boy and your phone and it feels like the whole world exists inside it.

Waiting for him to text you back is driving you mad. You’re questioning what you did wrong, what you did right. Was it something you said? Why the sudden change?

Put the phone down.

Life is unpredictable. And there’s so much to enjoy while we’re here.

A boy who doesn’t respond isn’t worth your time.

Instead, go for a walk in a neighborhood you’ve never seen. Look at all the different buildings, the designs, the colors.

Strike up a conversation with the girl you’ve always thought was intimidatingly cool. Discover you love the same band and spend hours talking at length about your favorite songs. Decide to go to the next concert together. Coordinate outfits and belt every lyric from the top of your lungs.

Look for ways to help. Research foundations and charities that are doing work you care about. Volunteer. Become engaged. Learn more about the stuff that drives you, the stuff that brings your passion out.

There’s an entire universe that doesn’t include a boy and his fickle texting patterns.

Let it go. There are grander things to witness. Amazing places to spend your time in. Adventures to be had. Lovely, fascinating, unique people to chat with.

He’s not worth your tears and frustration.

There’s so much more available to you.

There’s a whole planet to get to know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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