Just Because You’ve Done Bad Things Doesn’t Mean You’re A Bad Person

Miguel Constantin Montes

You messed up. You made a mistake, maybe the same mistake you’ve been making for years. You cope with bad habits, with the wrong people. You pick at things you should leave alone. You look for fights where they don’t belong. Your heart and brain are always in a scuffle. Both end up bruised.

You do bad things but you’re not a bad person.

You say you’re going to the gym but eat an entire microwavable pizza by yourself instead. Someone needs you and you’re suddenly unavailable. You text someone temporary because sleeping alone is painful. The bartender knows your name too well.

You cry over situations that happened a long time ago.

You’re beating yourself up for what past you did. Past you is a bitch, you think. Past you doesn’t deserve happiness. Current you swims in self-loathing for things you cannot change.

Just because you’ve done bad things doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

Not to mention, bad is subjective. Bad for you might not be bad for someone else. Remember, messing up, making mistakes, all of that just means you’re human. You’re a human being who is imperfect. It’s okay to realize that.

You are still deserving of love and health and satisfaction. You are allowed to try to be better. You are allowed to grow. You learn from the missteps. You gain knowledge with every failure.

Bad things don’t negate all that is good about you. And remember, there’s so much good in you. Even if you can’t see it right now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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