7 Signs He’s Definitely Not Over His Ex

Twenty20 / @criene
Twenty20 / @criene

1. He’s super angry whenever he talks about her.

He’s constantly badmouthing her. Break ups can be messy for both parties, but the hope is after enough time, you reach a place of indifference. Anger is the opposite of indifference. He’s probably got some unresolved feelings if he’s still THAT mad or bitter.

2. He doesn’t follow her on social media, but somehow still knows all the stuff that she’s been up to.

He might not have that follow button checked, but he’s obviously keeping tabs. When you’re over someone, you don’t waste your time checking up on them. If he’s lurking her Instagram and Facebook regularly, he’s invested. That’s not good.

3. He rushed into things with you.

Doesn’t matter how special or unique you’re convinced this thing you two have is. Maybe it is! But there’s no way he ever gained closure if you were the first thing he ran to right after his relationship ended.

4. He posts about you online…a lot.

There’s a weird line between sharing your life on social media (which most of us do to some extent) and trying too hard. Is he hashtag #blessed and #lucky to have found his #wcw? Does it seem like he’s more interested in showing the world he’s moved on and has someone new than he does in actually spending time with you? If it feels forced, like he’s trying to prove something to the world, that’s a red flag.

5. He routinely sends her “merry christmas!” or “happy birthday!” texts.

This could be totally innocent, but it’s a little weird. It means he’s thinking about her on holidays and special occasions. And furthermore, he takes the time to reach out so she KNOWS he’s thinking about her. A little fishy, no?

6. He’s clearly emotional over her dating someone else.

Honestly, none of us love the idea of our exes dating someone new. To be a little annoyed is natural. But if it seems to be tearing him up more than a twinge of jealousy, it might mean he wishes he was still with her.

7. He’s holding you to some impossible standard.

It seems like you can never please him. It’s because you’re competing with her memory. And that’s a losing game. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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