21 Struggles Of Being A Laid Back Person (But Actually Being Really Intense)

1. You completely identify with Ingrid Michaelson’s Keep Breathing lyrics, “I want to change the world instead I sleep.” You want to change the world and you feel passionate about it and get fired up and start working on your next project.

2. But then, you know, naps happen. And sleeping and reading, and you don’t want to get everyone around you worked up and raged to support your latest great idea. (Even though it really is great and you’ll work on it tomorrow, probably.)

3. You get super offended by something and rage to yourself for a good, solid five minutes, talking to yourself and pretending like you’re about to do something really crazy to change the situation

4. And the next moment, you start laughing cause you’re like, “Wow, this isn’t even a big deal at all.”

5. When you feel extremely passionate about something, you try to stifle what is about to be a blow-out argument by saying, “Let’s agree to disagree.” And then you try to find the best way to remove yourself from the situation.

6. Whenever people (especially couples) are yelling in public, you get really turned-off and can’t wait to be as far away from them as possible.

7. At the same time, you always feel real compassion for the public-fighting couple and you just want to whisper to them “Hey, guys, chill.”

8. Sometimes people think you have some kind of personality disorder because one moment you’re just chilling, laughing with a beer, and the next, you’re in some deep pensive zone of some sort.

9. Your favorite phrases are, “I don’t care” and “It’s not a big deal.”

10. But as soon as you do care and it is a big deal, you can get real snappy if what you’re saying isn’t taken into consideration.

11. Most times, a Friday night in with pizza and a bad movie sounds just as good as partying till 5 in the morning. You are equal opportunity that way.

12. You just don’t understand nitpicky people in general. Like, why fight over inconsequential things?

13. But then you get caught nitpicking about the very few things you’re really obsessed with and your laid-back demeanor comes crashing down.

14. You tend to let yourself get messy for a few days then you snap, lose your cool, and go on cleaning rages for 5 hours until you feel sane again.

15.  If you don’t understand something, you will work on it fanatically until you get it, even at the cost of sleep. (But you will never admit this to anyone.)

16. You tend to get borderline obsessive crushes on people – romantic and otherwise. But in their presence, you act respectfully detached so you don’t scare them away.

17. You almost always order food according to the dietary needs of the other person you’re with.

18. But when you feel a craving for a certain type of food, you will search miles and go to places at 11:30 at night to satisfy the craving.

19. It takes you about 20 minutes to get ready most times but if you don’t like your outfit, you lose all grip on reality, start cursing, and wonder if you really even want to go out anymore.

20. You always have your nonchalant face on whenever you’re getting criticized. But when you get a moment alone, you play the criticisms over and over again in your head.

21. You’re not a lover or a fighter. But when push comes to shove, you’ll fight for what you love. But only when push comes to shove. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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