A Collection Of My Favorite One-Liners From Thought Catalog Writers

Before I started writing on Thought Catalog, I was an avid reader and I continue to be as much as I can. I would read it in the morning, afternoon, and evening. I would even read it at 3 o’clock in the early morning, post-Saturday night celebrations. I would read it on the bus, on the train, in sunshine, and in rain. (Yes, I was trying to rhyme on purpose.) I have always loved quotes; I believe words are powerful. Sometimes I think we wait til people hit the big time or worse, till their dead, before we acknowledge that their creations changed us, even in the smallest way, even if it was just for a moment in time.

I genuinely appreciate the difference in all the writers on here or who have been on here or who contribute to the site. Admittedly, some appeal to me more than others because of who I am and who they are through their writing. I am in no way stating that the following are the best Thought Catalog quotes, although some of them could be strong contenders. I am simply stating that these are a collection of MY favorite one-liners. A lot of them are from memory because I like to believe that I am the real human version of Mike from USA’s Suits who has photogenic memory. Okay, I’m not as good and I did have to go back and check the titles for each one. Anyway, here you have it: My Favorite One-Liners From Thought Catalog Writers in no particular order although no.1 is definitely my all-time favorite.

1. “There are no safe investments, but we invest anyway. Because heartbreak is transient but regret is eternal.” – Donna Schute Provencher, “The Risky Business Of Love”

2. “Always see the glass as half full – and if it looks empty, it probably just needs to be topped off with wine.” –  Christopher Hudspeth, “9 Important Things Everyone Should Remember Around Valentine’s Day”

3. “Life is inescapably risky and painful, not to mention 100% fatal.” – David Cain, “Why Your Fears Won’t Come True”

4. “All stories are about sadness.” – Oliver Miller, “Untitled Story About A Stripper”

5. “You are more important than you will ever know, and never let anyone tell you that your economy of words is a stinginess of character.” – Chelsea Fagan, “You Are Important”

6. “You know what comes naturally to human beings though? Being open, being messy, being raw, being unfiltered, having lots of feelings.” – Ryan O’Connell, “You Need To Go After The Things You Want”

7. “The secret to connecting with people is this: Always try to understand what people really mean when they speak.” – David Cain, “The Secret To Connecting With People”

8. “The reality of the situation is the reality of the situation to escape a paradoxical and confounding existence wherein the reality of the situation is not actually the reality of the situation.” – Ted Pillow, “We Are All Of Us Escape Artists”

9. “The world doesn’t revolve around you, and if you think it does, you are bound to live a life of disappointment.” – Nathan Savin Scott, “It Isn’t All About You”

10. “Imagine the lines at the unemployment office of Prince Charmings who no longer need to save a girl by telling her she is deserving, because her answer would have universally become, “Don’t worry, I know that already.” –  Chelsea Fagan, “Loving Yourself Isn’t Conceited”

11. “There should be mutual chasing, and maybe if there were, our hearts wouldn’t get broken so often.” – Madison Moore, “You Broke My Heart And I Let You”

12. “Because letting someone linger in a purgatory where they are never quite seen or heard – where they are constantly left questioning whether a perceived subtext was all in their heads or based in reality – is cruel and unusual punishment.” – Charlotte Green, “Do You Even See Me?”

13. “I miss you when you’re putting up walls, building defenses because you have no more trust left.” – Gaby Dunn, “I Miss You Already”

14. “Look you can’t know for certain it’ll go picture-perfect if you take a risk and go for it, but you can be 100% sure that it’ll remain wishful thinking if you do nothing.” – Christopher Hudspeth, “The Person You Think About Before You Fall Asleep”

15. “You’re brave if you create something, anything, and send it out to the world.” – Ryan O’ Connell, “What Makes You Brave”

16. “We think we have been battered and alone, when all the time, we have been populating heaven with our mistakes.” – Oliver Miller, “Fixing Butterflies”

17. “I want to die saying that even if love doesn’t exist, even if I end up unfulfilled by my career and personal relationships and even if I die alone in a ditch somewhere or half-eaten by wild dogs, I believed in the ecstasy of life. I dared to believe.” – Nico Lang, “Why Being A Romantic Isn’t Hopeless” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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