30 Things Every Grown Ass Person Should Stop Doing By The Time They Turn 30


1. Partying like you’re still 21. Binge drinking at this age just means you’re an alcoholic.

2. Ignoring your credit score, debt, or finances in general.

3. Facebook stalking your ex.

4. Staying in toxic relationships or friendships.

5. Living in the past – thinking about the dream job you never got, blaming your childhood/family/parents for why your life sucks, wishing your failed relationships had worked out, etc.

6. Using weekends to recover from hangovers and sleep all day instead of using them to do something fun or productive you couldn’t do during the week.

7. Not having a savings account or a nest egg in case of emergency.

8. Saying yes to things to make other people happy; being afraid of saying no for fear of of hurting people’s feelings or because you think they’ll think less of you.

9. Staying at a job that’s negatively affecting the rest of your life. You might not be able to quit right now but you can at least start job hunting and plan your exit strategy.

10. Texting and driving.

11. Gossiping about the same people every day instead of thinking about what it is about those people that are making you feel insecure or threatened.

12. Not knowing a handful of solid recipes to cook that go beyond boiling water or heating up frozen dinners.

13. Thinking you can eat like a college kid and not work out on a regular basis.

14. Ignoring your mental, dental, and physical health; being afraid of making an appointment or getting help with something you’ve been dealing with for a long time.

15. Writing cringey, dramatic, passive-aggressive Facebook posts.

16. Forgetting to call your parents on their birthday.

17. Obsessively looking at other people’s lives on social media and hating yourself for not having the same things.

18. Trying to live up to others’ expectations of you.

19. Ignoring the news or current events.

20. Being too stubborn to realize when you’re wrong or when you should apologize.

21. Going to the tanner and/or not wearing sunblock every day.

22. Waiting for something to happen to you instead of taking control and making it happen.

23. Holding old grudges.

24. Cleaning your bathroom, washing your sheets, and doing basic household duties more than once every 3 months or right before someone is coming over.

25. Counting on your mom and dad to financially bail you out when because you’re irresponsible with money.

26. Giving up when something gets hard or needs more time to accomplish.

27. Thinking you can pull an all-nighter and still be able to handle it with the same finesse as your early 20s.

28. Overpaying for things you can probably find at thrift stores, dollar stores, or online with a little bit of research.

29. Giving a fuck about what other people think about you and your life.

30. Thinking you should have it all figured out by this age. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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