23 Signs You’re A Pisces

As someone born on March 3rd, I can verify being a Pisces is pretty great. We’re creative, spontaneous, easy to talk to, and genuine. How can you not love us? We’re adorable! Sure, we might get really emotional from time to time but that’s just because we feel SO MANY THINGS. Get ready, pretty fish people, because this list is all about you.

1. You have a crazy intuitive nature and can sense other people’s feelings without them saying anything. You rely on your gut instinct when making decisions or sizing up a situation and you’re rarely wrong.

2. You can feel tons of different emotions all at once and you feel things very deeply.

3. You’re immensely creative, imaginative, and always working on a new project.

4. You don’t do well in highly structured or conventional work environments or situations. You do your best when you have a lot of freedom.

5. You can be flaky as hell. You don’t intentionally mean to be this way but when your energy levels are low you’re likely not going to go through with previous plans you made unless you know it’s really important to someone.

6. You’re a great listener and very empathic when listening to other people’s struggles. You’re the one your friends all go to when they need to talk about something. Their problems become your problems.

7. Nothing makes you feel better than caring for the people in your life. You love being generous but sometimes your kindness can be seen as weakness and is taken advantage of.

8. You’re laid back and carefree. You don’t get hung up on the details and consider your easygoing nature one of your best qualities.

9. You don’t hold grudges. You deal with an issue when it comes up but forgiveness is your forte.

10. You’re in love with love itself.  Love and romance is your kryptonite. It’s the very thing that fuels you. You don’t need to be in a relationship all the time but you definitely feel complete when you can give your love unconditionally to someone.

11. You have a dreamy outlook on life. You find beauty in the world around you and seek inspiration from everything.

12. You’ve pulled a disappearing act a time or two. When things get bad you launch into self-preservation mode and retreat back into your dream world until you feel it’s safe to come out.

13. You’re drawn to the ocean or other bodies of water and feel most at peace when you’re in nature.

14. You see both sides of every situation. Sometimes this can make it difficult to make a decision and you know sometimes you’re seen as indecisive or wishy-washy.

15. You take everything to heart. You’re very sensitive and can get your feelings hurt easily. No one can throw a pity party like you can.

16. If you’re not invested in something or have little interest you can be extremely lazy and stubborn.

17. You have a soothing and calm presence. You’ve been told you’re easy to talk to and you enjoy being someone others can turn to when they need help overcoming life’s obstacles.

18. You’re a natural nomad. You love traveling, experiencing other cultures, and the road is constantly calling you. Wanderlust is something you’ve been stricken with since you can remember.

19. You believe in the best in people and will go out of your way to help people, even if it means great sacrifice.

20. You can adapt to any environment you’re put in, regardless of the circumstance. Whatever the situation is you can adapt easily.

21. When you’re in a relationship you’re a very devoted partner. You’d do anything for them and you’re always thinking of little ways to make them feel special.

22. You’re highly in tune with your surroundings and you notice the details other people miss.

23.  You love getting lost in the unknown. You believe life is a great adventure that should be lived spontaneously. You love having a variety of experiences because you know it will make for a great story later. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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