They Are Going To Miss You

They Are Going To Miss You

They are going to miss you.

When you breakup the person who is ending things has all these reasons and justifications as to why they need to walk away. Why you wouldn’t have been worth the effort. Areas you fell short in. Things you could have done better or differently. Things they didn’t like. What they would have changed.

See, when it comes to real love, most will look passed every flaw and shortcoming. But someone who is looking for a way out will find fault in even the most minor things. So regardless of the love you showed them, and how much you cared, when someone else’s mind is made up about you there isn’t much you can do.

Sometimes when people decide they want to be on their own, they look past what’s really important — which is loyalty. Love. Commitment. Someone’s willingness to fight for the other person. All of these qualities that make up a good partner get overlooked in the wake of why things should be over. And that’s the only thing that gets attention.

Then it ends.

But anything that breaks comes back stronger. And that’s exactly what happens. You come back stronger. You come back better. You come back improving in areas you once fell short in. But most of all you come back happier without the person. And just when this happens, the other person begins to look back. Our brains are programmed to replay the highlight reels of all that was good. So as time goes on, the person starts to long for what was right. What was good. What was hopeful within you — rather than what they focused on before.

What initially was looked at as clingy and caring too much is remembered as genuine love. What initially was looked at as a distraction is remembered as someone who kept things fun. What initially was looked at as someone who tried too hard to please everyone is remembered when they come across people who don’t try hard enough. What initially was looked at as difficult is remembered as how the other person strived to make it so easy. And when that person looks at their reflection, the shift is in the things they lacked in the relationship, areas they fell short in, the type of partner they could have been. Because it is so hard to find someone who loves you unconditionally and genuinely believes you are perfect. No one is perfect. Not until you fall in love with them. And sometimes people miss the way you made them feel about themselves. Flaws and shortcomings are something we all have but they don’t even compare to the good qualities you possess. It just takes most people a while to see that.

So trust me — eventually they will miss you. Eventually they will regret giving up so easily. It’s just a matter of if their pride and ego allow them to admit it. If someone misses you but cares more about their ego than being with you — that’s someone who has never deserved you.

Real love is the hardest thing in the entire world to find or replicate and we often take it for granted. We often realize until it’s too late. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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