If You Find The Girl With These 26 Unique Qualities Keep Her Forever

Carly Rae

1. If she loves fearlessly.

Find the girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to jump into things with both feet. Someone who believes in love even when everyone else doesn’t. This is the girl who is going to date right and not casually.

2. If she’s authentic.

Find the girl who isn’t going to apologize for being who she is. Someone who takes pride in the word different. It’s the girl who is authentic who is going to change you. It’s this girl who is going to make you see things in a way you never have before.

3. If she’s supportive.

Find the girl who is your number one loudest cheerleader. Someone who believes in you and pushes you and constantly telling you, you can. And it’s her belief that makes you want to achieve things.

4. If she’s funny.

Find the girl who is funny without realizing it. Someone who carelessly goes through life making people laugh. She’s going to be the girl who can put a smile on your face even when you’ve had a bad day.

5. If she challenges you.

Find the girl who is going to force you to step up. Someone you realize if you want to keep her it’s her level you got to get to. Someone who isn’t just going to challenge you to accomplish more but someone who is going to challenge you mentally. Someone who has you read these books or watch these things and learn. Someone who is going to challenge you emotionally to feel things deeper than you have before.

6. If she’s driven.

Find a girl who cares about goals and it isn’t just an ambiguous timeline of when she’ll achieve it. Someone who has dates and times of when it will actually happen. It’s this girl who is going to motivate you to achieve your own success.

7. If she can take care of herself.

Find the girl who takes care of herself. Physically. If she cares about how she looks that shows a sign of self-respect. And if she cares about how she looks eating healthy and working out she’s going to be a good influence on you.

Financially. If she saves on her own. Budgets on her own. Lives a life within her means when you enter her life she has that going for her and she’s never going to be struggling that much if those are her values.

Emotionally. If she knows herself well enough she’s never going to project ugly emotions onto you but know how to control and react. Someone who can take care of themselves emotionally will be able to be the strong one when you can’t.

8. If she’s kind.

Find a girl who genuinely cares for others. Who doesn’t say mean things. Who goes out of her way to show kindness. It’s this girl who won’t just treat you well but she’ll appreciate when you do the same. It’s the girl who is too nice that’s best at relationships.

9. If she’s optimistic.

Find a girl who is going to see the best in the worst situations. Someone who can handle when something goes wrong and doesn’t panic but reacts properly. Finding someone optimistic when you need it is essential.

10. If she’s willing to make sacrifices for you.

Find the girl who might have a lot going on but puts you above that. Someone who tries to pull off two events in one night when she promised you she’d be there. Even if it means her running from place to place and only staying somewhere to show face, she does. Because along with things that are important to her, you’re one of them.

11. If she’s brutally honest.

Find a girl who is brutally honest. The one who is so bad at lying because it makes her feel so bad she physically can’t. Someone who is blunt and says things like it is. This is the girl who is going to tell every detail of things. This is the girl whose phone is unlocked and doesn’t have a password. This is the girl who is an open book and doesn’t have secrets.

12. If she’s someone you can trust.

With honesty comes trust. Find a girl who values it. And not only does she work to build your trust, she trusts you. You can probably get away with a lot when it comes to her. Because she’s not going to be the one checking up on you on a night out. She’s not going to be the one who wonders who you’re texting or wants to look through your phone. When someone like that trusts you it’s something you don’t want to ruin.

13. If she embraces her flaws.

Find a girl who knows she isn’t perfect. But lives her life striving to do her best. Beauty isn’t found in perfection but rather the girl who accepts everything about herself not letting her flaws speak for her.

14. If she strives to be better.

With flaws comes wanting to be the best version of yourself. Find the girl who only wants to change the parts of herself that will make her better and healthier and happier. A girl who is self-motivated to become better will stand beside you her best self but she’ll constantly keep trying.

15. If she tries with your friends.

Find a girl who makes an effort with your friends and works to build a relationship with them. This is the girl who knows the importance of those relationships. She’s never going to be the one who makes you choose between the two because any good girl knows your friends become hers too.

16. If she wants to spend time with your family.

Find the girl who is going to include your brother and sister in plans. Someone who suggests you hang out with the family. Someone who isn’t going to want to take you away from them. This is the girl who knows your family too could be hers if it is the right relationship and it’s important to be on good terms with them.

17. If she invests interest in your hobbies.

Find the girl who is willing to try something even if before she had no interest in it. Someone who is going to say ‘okay you like this let’s do it.’ Just as you are opening your eyes to things, she’ll open your eyes to trying new things too.

18. If she surprises you.

Find the girl who doesn’t stop trying to knock you off your feet. The girl who finds happy moments in making you happy. The girl who really goes out of her way with little things for you. This is the girl who is going to teach you what caring actually is and that you don’t ever stop.

19. If she shows her vulnerable side.

Find the girl who shows you emotions aren’t always ugly or a sign of weakness. But that is what connects you and brings you closer. This is the girl who is going to bring you to a level no one else can or has before. This is the girl who works and touches the part of your heart you’ve kept so guarded. This is the girl that heals you.

20. If she inspires you and others.

Find the girl who with one conversation she motivates you and builds you up. But it’s not just with you. With everyone, she interacts with she brings this energy into the room through love and compassion and encouragement. Someone who motivates and encourages others too.

21. If she easy going.

Find the girl who is easy to get along with. Someone who is likable and approachable. The girl you know you can bring anywhere and she’s going to hold her own even if she’s standing alone. The girl who is easygoing is going to make friends wherever you bring her. And that’s the girl you’ll be happy to stand next to.

22. If she’s fun.

Find the girl who makes everything fun. From the places, you travel to lazy Sundays laying in bed. It’s this girl who is going to make the life you lead one that is exciting. This is the girl you are going to want to create memories with.

23. If she values sex.

Find the girl who didn’t sleep with you on the first date. The girl who made you wait. The girl who taught you sex is something that isn’t supposed to be casual but something to appreciate between two people who care about each other. This is going to be the best sex you have in your life.

24. If she doesn’t gossip.

Find the girl who is mature and confident enough to not talk bad about others because she knows the things you say is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. This is the girl who isn’t going to get hung up on toxic relationships. This is the girl who is so real she’ll be able to read people and see them for who they are. This is the girl who will know which of your friends are good for you and which might be using you. This is the girl who is going to look out for you always.

25. If she makes you feel secure.

Find the girl who makes you feel like you are enough. The one who looks at you like you’re the only one in the room. This is the girl who is going to show you off to everyone. Find the girl who knows the most important thing is making you feel confident in her. This is the girl who will shut down anyone who hits on her saying she’s flattered but taken. This is the girl who is going to make you feel like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to her. But it’s you who feel lucky.

26. If she’s your best friend.

But above all, she’s your best friend. She’s the one you want to tell everything to first. She’s the arms you want to come home to. The one you love waking up next to. She’s the only future you’ve ever known since meeting her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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