If He Wants You He’ll Be With You It’s That Simple

If he truly wants to be with you, he will make the time. Busy is a word we’ve allowed men to use for treating us badly or not up to the standard we deserve.

Someone who really wants you and really wants to be with you will make that happen. There is no grey area when it comes to interest. There’s no what-ifs or maybes or almost. Someone who wants to be with you will be.

And if he’s sending mixed signals then he doesn’t want you enough and the only people you should want and the only people you should invest time and emotion into are the ones who want you.

It isn’t your job to convince someone they should want to be with you.

There’s always going to be obstacles when it comes to relationships and it’s up to you to find someone who looks at those things as something easy to overcome TOGETHER. It isn’t you making all the effort or them. It’s someone willing to meet you halfway with things.

If you ever find yourself exerting too much energy into someone then it isn’t the relationship for you. Because the right relationship is going to come very easily.

And there isn’t going to be a moment of uncertainty.

If you ever find yourself rereading texts because you feel you’ve misread signals or confused and hurt, they aren’t the one.

There isn’t going to be a wrong time to text him because no matter when it is, he’s going to want to hear from you.

There isn’t going to be a time of the day to see him just a schedule you each might have to work around sometimes but he will because he wants to see you.

The person you deserve is someone who is going to desire you as much as you do them and these feelings will leave you whole not empty.

You are never going to wonder how he feels because he’s going to want you to be sure and confident in him.

The right guy realizes it’s his job to make you feel safe and secure and loved and wanted.

If someone is doing those things they aren’t meant for you.

There isn’t a feeling strong enough to change how someone feels about you and someone does not feel the way you do or they aren’t showing it, then you stop investing into that person because you’re only hurting yourself if you continue to choose someone who doesn’t choose you.

Guys might try and mess with your head and your heart and send a hundred mixed signals but it’s up to you to realize when someone is doing that and walk away. That isn’t a sign to try harder.

Boys play games. But the right guy won’t.

The right guy will build you up and not break you down.

The right guy will care and not make you wonder if he does.

The right guy will take every flaw and shortcoming and push you see what you can become.

He won’t use flaws against you like there’s something to win making you feel bad about it.

The right guy will make you feel secure with how you feel not walk away with the pieces of you gave so carelessly.

The right guy will value vulnerable moments and not look at you as weak.

A right guy is going to make you one of his top priorities because any real looks at a women’s love and affection and doesn’t take it for granted.

A right guy realizes how childish it is to hurt girls and it isn’t attractive.

A right guy realizes the most attractive thing he is able to do is find a single woman and make her feel like she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him. And it’s his job to win her over and prove he’s worthy of her time and attention.

A right guy isn’t afraid of stepping into a relationship with both feet even if he is nervous too.

A right guy doesn’t use the word busy because there is always time. It’s just we all make time for the people who matter.

And it’s up to you to invest your time into someone worth it. And the person who is worth it is never going to be the boy who messes with your head and walks away with your heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

About the author

Kirsten Corley

Writer living in Hoboken, NJ with my 2 dogs.