Zodiac Ranking Of Who Will Make The Best Partner In 2018

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1. Libra

Of all signs libras are without a doubt the most loyal. They wear their heart on their sleeve and oftentimes it leads to them getting hurt. They think it’s them but it’s another person’s inability to love them the right way. They are very sensitive and take everything to heart. While they have trust issues, if you work with them through their insecurities you will have someone who will love you unconditionally. And they show it through every grand gesture, worshipping the ground you walk on. If you find yourself with a Libra value them the way they deserve.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios have bad reps but that’s only because they are the most guarded. Heart’s like that are guarded usually know how to love the hardest. When you win over the heart of a Scorpio you have a piece of their heart for the rest of your life. This is the partner who will always be honest with you even when it hurts. This is a partner that will always respect you. This is the partner once you prove you’re worthy they will stop at nothing to make you happy. To get a Scorpio to fall for you isn’t easy. Almost as difficult as getting over one.

3. Pisces

Pisces greatest issue when it comes to relationships is choosing the wrong people. They like to see the best in people. They give too many chances and their love isn’t that hard to earn. And it’s not because they don’t have self respect but because they don’t believe in limits or obstacles when it comes to love. They do it so carelessly just hoping they meet their match. When Pisces do get love right, it’s the relationship people write about. They might be hopeless romantics and get hurt a lot because of it but they love-love and they love getting it right.

4. Cancer

A Cancer and a Pisces are very much alike (at least their hearts are.) A Cancer has a heart of gold and never has bad intentions when it comes to anyone. They care a lot about other people’s feelings and if they offend someone, so they are very careful. As a partner they will always make you priority. They will remember everything you tell them and they put a lot of thought into things. Having a heart like theirs, they get hurt a lot and they choose people who take them for granted. But the few relationships they do get right, it’s real love with someone who really does value them for who they are and what they have to offer. Things like that aren’t easy to find, any Cancer can tell you that.

5. Taurus

Unlike Pisces a Taurus is tough. But being that tough means they’ll be a good partner. They are always going to be the dominant one in a relationship. They practice tough love and don’t have a filter. But if you can understand their bark is worse than their bite you’ll see how ruthlessly they fight for you and the lengths they are willing to go for you. They don’t like saying how they feel but they will always show you.

6. Sagittarius

Sags are tough to get commitment out of, only because they think they are better off alone. They are very focused on their life and their goals. They like handling things themselves and they don’t do the whole vulnerable thing or let people in that easy. Their social circle consists of a few people they trust. So love for them is a bit harder. They are easily one of the most guarded signs but once you get through that, you realize why. Sometimes the people who seem like they don’t need love, love the hardest themselves, they just haven’t found someone worthy.

7. Aquarius

An Aquarius is very independent. In relationships they need someone who is going to keep them on a long leash. They don’t thrive in relationships that don’t suffocate them. With that freedom comes loyalty. When dating an Aquarius, you just know they’ll never cheat on you, physically or emotionally. They are brutally honest. They don’t look at relationship as someone to complete them but more of a team. Aquarius’s usually have a history of relationships that last long because when they do choose someone, it’s someone of quality.

8. Gemini

Gemini’s are interesting because so much of how their relationships are depend on the place they are in, in their own life. When they want a relationship they can be the best, most loyal and caring partner everyone would want. But they also have a very selfish side to them and if you catch them at a place where they are just focusing on themselves and their career, they will only look at you in terms of what they can gain from you. Gemini’s are sweet talkers and easy to fall for but they they are also heartbreakers.

9. Leo

To be in a relationship with a Leo you have to let them be the center of attention and always in the spotlight. They are someone who speaks a lot more than they listen so they like someone who is quite. They are over sensitive at times but struggle in clearly conveying how they are feeling. So a lot of their emotions come out wrong and it ends in a fight. They are very stubborn and hate admitting when they are wrong. To get an apology out of them isn’t easy. And while they are hard to love sometimes they are someone who is very strong and will carry you in moments you need it most.

10. Capricorn

Capricorns are tough partners because they are really shy when you first get to know them and even more guarded. They constantly test you and sometimes it becomes too much for people at first. While they are guarded and trying to protect themselves sometimes they come on too strong and it repels people. Because of failed relationships they are constantly doubting themselves and what they want in a partner. They look for others to fill voids of things they should find within themselves only to realize even the best people fall short because nothing is ever good enough. They make tough partners because of their standards.

11. Aries

Aries are tough they have a lot of little qualities it takes someone very patient to deal with. They have a short temper and a hot head and an acid tongue. They say things without thinking and offend their partners very easily. Their blunt nature isn’t something people find attractive and they come across as cocky. They have a very tough exterior and don’t think much of love or relationships. They fail to understand anyone who is a hopeless romantic because to them relationships will never be their priority.

12. Virgo

The greatest flaw a Virgo has is striving for perfection and struggling to ever find anything or anyone good enough. In relationships, they always leave partners feeling like they’ve never done enough or can keep up. A Virgo is goal oriented and doesn’t spend time on things if it’s not pushing them forward. While it’s an admirable quality you realize that’s all a Virgo is. They work hard. They are loyal. They hold themselves accountable for everything but their career will always come before a relationship and having priorities like that will leave them alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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