She Won’t Ask To Be Loved This Way But This Is What She’s Secretly Hoping For

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She won’t ask you to hold her close at night as you lay there next to one another. Because she’s afraid to be that vulnerable or even admit that’s what she needs.

She won’t ask you to hold her hand in public but she keeps looking down hoping you’ll be the one to make the first move. It’s something so little but means so much.

She won’t be the first to kiss you but she’s looking at your lips wondering if you want to.

She won’t tell you the things she scared of or why. But she’s hoping you’ll care enough to learn. She’s afraid of uncertainty. She’s afraid of being used. She’s afraid of being played. She’s afraid to wake up and watch you leave and know you aren’t coming back.

The type of love she needs is someone who is sure of her. Someone who is honest. Someone who cares about who she is not just that she’s a woman who could appease a man sexually. She needs to know see you soon actually means you want to see her again and you aren’t just telling her what she wants to hear.

That when she texts you, you’re actually happy to hear from her. That when you talk to her it isn’t just to kill time because you’re bored.

She won’t tell you she needs a relationship that is both physical and emotional. Because in the past she’s seen one or the other but never both.

She won’t tell you she really wants you to meet her family after you’ve been going out for a bit.

She won’t tell you what she needs out of fear those needs will scare you off.

So she’ll toe quietly being too afraid to make any wrong move.

The type of love she needs is one where your words match your actions.

She won’t tell you her favorite flowers and she would love if you got them.

She won’t tell you her favorite chocolate but getting them would make her day.

She won’t tell you she wants you to make plans sometimes.

She doesn’t want to tell someone how she needs to be loved, she just wants someone who will love her without needing direction.

She needs someone who will show her it’s okay to rely on someone.

She needs someone who will show her it’s okay to need someone.

She needs someone who will show her it’s okay to want someone.

She needs someone who doesn’t mistake the fact she’s fragile with being weak.

She needs someone who realizes the greatest strength she has is who is she and what she has to offer someone and that isn’t just because she’s a woman.

But most of all she needs someone who is going to realize what she needs and respect her enough to step away if one can’t give her that. To step aside if what she’s asking is too much for you. To step aside if you aren’t going to give her everything she needs because there’s someone out there who will.

She needs the love she’s been giving away to everyone to be reciprocated.

She needs the love she won’t ever ask for but is secretly hoping it finds her.

She needs a love that will make her whole and not leave her empty.

She needs a love that is kind and honest and real.

Because she deserves to believe in love again. And she deserves to be loved again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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