15 Things That Will Tell You Exactly What Type Of Man He Is

Warren Wong

1. How he treats his mother or woman figures in life.

How he treats her, how he talks about her and the relationship he has with her will give you insight into the relationship he’ll have with you in the future.

2. How he treats those doing a service for him.

You can tell everything about someone based on how they treat a stranger doing something for them. Pay close attention to that.

3. How he talks about others.

Does he talk positively or negatively about others? Does he gossip and spread rumors? Or does he not say anything if it’s unkind. Stick with the ones who keep negative opinions they might have to themselves.

4. How he talks about himself.

Does he brag and have an ego? Or is he humble and doesn’t think much of the things he does. Stick with the ones who are humble.

5. The type of friends he has.

Who are the people he’s choosing to surround himself with? What is his best friend like? If his best friend is a pompous asshole you have to wonder why he would choose someone like that.

6. If he keeps his word.

Don’t fall for every excuse he can come up with when he doesn’t follow through. If you want a good relationship with someone it starts with trust and how can you trust someone if you can’t believe what he says because he doesn’t follow through or commit to anything.

7. Consistency to how he treats you.

He doesn’t just treat you well in the beginning and it fades out. He treats you well all the time. Showing you that he respects you is the most important thing in the world to him.

8. How he handles confrontation.

Does he go silent? Does he stay mad? Does he lose it? Does he use it against you in the future? Or does he talk about it with you? Then forgive you if you’re wrong. And move on never bringing it up again.

9. How he speaks of his exes.

Does he bad mouth every single one of them? If he does, there is a chance that could be you one day. Or does he still have a lot of respect for the people he dated and invested time into? Stick with the guys who still speak kindly of their ex.

10. He apologizes when he’s wrong.

When he’s wrong he owns up to it and tries to make it right. It’s that simple.

11. He doesn’t play games.

He’s honest, upfront and forward. When it comes to pursuing you, he lays it out on the table what he has to offer. He doesn’t try and play some texting game of delayed responses or blowing up your newsfeed. If he likes you, you’re never gonna have to wonder it.

12. He takes things slow.

He doesn’t try and sleep with you right off the bat. Because the truth is he’s not looking for someone like that. He’s looking for someone he can build a life with and when you’re doing that you don’t need to rush things.

13. He can tell exactly what his goals are.

You ask him about the future and it’s not an ambiguous response of not knowing. He knows exactly where he wants to be and how he can get there. He works hard and he’s looking for someone who can match his ambition.

14. He remembers the things you tell him.

It’s the little details he makes a point to remember. So many people talk to hear themselves talk but he wants to learn more about you and the things you care about.

15. He’s everything you could want someone to be.

Kind. Generous. Hardworking. Considerate.

Whatever your definition of what the perfect person was, suddenly got replaced with all the qualities he has. He’s not perfect and he has his shortcoming. But he’s everything you need someone to be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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