Why Blair Waldorf And Chuck Bass Made Such A Power Couple Based On Their Zodiac

Gossip Girl

Full Name: Blair Cornelia Bass

Nickname: Queen B

Birthday: November 15th

Sign: Scorpio

Strengths: Reading people.

Weakness: Chuck Bass

Full Name Charles Bartholomew Bass

Nickname: Chuck

Birthday: January 19th

Sign: Capricorn

Strengths: Street Smart

Weakness: Alcohol, Drugs, Prostitutes

They had similar personalities.

“I’m not Chuck Bass without you.”

The combination of a Scorpio and Capricorn is the strongest of any zodiac pairing.

While Chuck came across as a pompous, arrogant asshole who only cared about himself, it was very obvious that was the front he put up to protect himself and Blair had him read better than anyone.

Blair came across as strong and independent appearing like she didn’t need anyone. But Chuck knew no Queen was complete without a King.

They were each guarded.

“I’m sorry I gave up on us when you never did.”

Chuck dealt with issues because of his parents. Blair got hurt by Nate first with Serena then again. Like most Scorpios, she thought she was better off alone.

But when two people enter a relationship that guarded, they know what it takes to get through those walls and earn someone’s trust.

And while they didn’t trust others, they always trusted each other.

They were each secret hopeless romantics.

“It should be us up there and you know it.”

If there is one thing a Capricorn is good at it’s remembering small details.

Chuck was constantly looking out for Blair and wanted her happy. From details as small as rigging prom to getting her what she wanted on her birthday to telling her he didn’t love her because he couldn’t be what she needed and deserved at the time. Then he traveled around the world to get her favorite things like macaroons.

And in return for his effort, she loved him.

Like any Scorpio who is stubborn in their ways, she never gave up on him. She never stopped trying. She never stopped loving him even when he gave every reason to.

Once a Scorpio decides who their heart belongs to the game is over.

They made a good team.

“Three words. Eight letters. Say it and I’m yours.

They went back and forth playing a lot of games and messing with each other, it was the definition of a love-hate relationship.

Once they realized they were better together than they were apart, that’s when they became a power couple.

While it took a while to get there, it was hard for each of them to give up their independent lives to be a couple, they realized what they gained being exclusive was so much more than anything they could have achieved on their own.

Whether it was some plot together to take someone down or just having fun, what made the combination of a Capricorn and Scorpio so unique was their loyalty to each other and their strength.

They were each other’s number one fan.

“The next time you forget you’re Blair Waldorf”

It was the support Chuck needed to run his father’s company or someone behind her pursuing her dreams, they had each other’s back always.

Each very strong, so they needed a partner who could bring as much to the table.

A Capricorn and Scorpio are the signs known best for not settling. They would rather be alone than give someone not worthy, a moment of their time.

They always found their way back to each other.

The Wedding

It’s a force so strong nothing was able to break the two of them up. Whether it was Uncle Jack or a Prince or Nate or mistakes they made, no matter how bad things got between this pair it just made them stronger.

While both Chuck and Blair might have been good at putting up a front for an audience, they read each other so well.

They might have never admitted they needed each other at first but the truth is they built each other into the people they turned out to be and that’s why they made it in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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