This Is The Type Of Partner You Need If You’re A Pisces

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1. Someone who is empathetic.

Pisces are overly sensitive so they’ll need someone who understands that. Values it and is careful with everything they say or do.

2. Someone who explains everything.

Pisces tend to overthink everything. They will take everything very personal. They will analyze every situation. They will doubt you when you’ve given them no reason to. Their perfect partner would be someone who understand this and doesn’t leave them in the dark ever.

3. Someone who doesn’t take them for granted.

Pisces naturally give until they have nothing left to. They gravitate towards partners who are the dominant ones in relationships. But oftentimes in the past, they have a history of really unhealthy relationships because people don’t value who they are. Their perfect partner would be someone who gives as much as they do.

4. Someone who looks out for them.

Pisces tend to the see the good in everyone and everything despite those who have done them wrong. They give way too many second chances. So their perfect partner would be someone who protects them from themselves, in the sense that person who reminds them about the things they so easily forget.

5. Someone who is patient.

Pisces often are shy at first so they would need someone who actually wants to take the time to get to know them. Once they trust you, you’ll see a totally different side to them but it takes a little while to get there.

6. Someone who is good at reading them.

Pisces are very good at hiding when something is wrong. The best partner for them is that person that takes the time to truly get to know them. Someone who can hear what they are saying and knowing it isn’t the truth. Someone who can look at them smiling and know they are lying. All pisces want is someone who takes the time to be able to hear the things they aren’t saying.

7. Someone who builds them up.

Pisces crumble when you critique them. The best way to get them to do anything is through positive reenforcement. They want to hear everything they are doing is right and good enough. They strive to ensure everything is good enough always.

8. Someone who is honest.

Pisces are blunt to a point it might make you uncomfortable. But they’ve become like this because of people in the past who told them lies. Even if the truth hurts they’d rather hear it instead of being led on. They need someone who is just like that. Someone who will state what the problem is this way they can find a solution. Pisces are all about fixing things and people that are broken, so you will rarely fight with them because of it.

9. Someone who values their judgment.

Because they overanalyze things, they have good judgement. While they are kind, they know when someone is taking them for granted. They watch people very closely and can tell if someone is invested in a relationship with prior motivates. They need a partner who values that they do have good judgment and you gotta be able to trust them when they say someone is bad news. Even if they don’t have a reason, trust what a Pisces feels because often times it’s correct.

10. Someone who loves hard.

Pisces tend to think with their heart and not their head but the perfect partner would be someone who values love as much as they do and is willing to take risks when it comes to relationships. Pisces will always go above and behind for those they care about but they need someone who is right there at that level too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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